5 Big Reasons To Try Group Workouts


Explore the benefits of working out in a crowd.

Are you a committed solo sweater?  Working out alone can allow you to find some much-needed headspace and organise your exercise routine in a way that suits your body and your goals. And that’s great. But you shouldn’t dismiss the whole group workout thing altogether. Working out with friends or in an organised class can have some amazing benefits and could lead to better end results. It’s something you should try and make part of your routine at least some of the time. Still not sure about group workouts? Here are 5 big reasons to give them a go.


You Get Expert Support


Form is everything. Whether you’re doing yoga, spin, or strength – the wrong form can not only lead to poor results, it can put you at risk of serious injury. That’s why having expert support at the front of the room can be a game changer, particularly if you are new to an activity or technique. Make sure you use the expert knowledge your trainer is there to share – don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek out advice.

You Push Harder


Honestly, you really will. Something about a group setting can unleash even the most laid-back gym goer’s competitive spirit and you will find yourself pushing just a bit longer and harder than you would do on your own. It’s an effect that has been replicated in several research studies around the world. Don’t underestimate the power of a crowd.

You Have Your Own Personal Cheerleaders


The vast majority of group classes out there are super supportive. And having a group of like-minded folk who are invested in your progress along with their own is a very powerful thing. It makes achieving goals so much sweeter when you have someone there to share in your victory.

You Can Try Something Brand New


Want to get a taste of a new workout or activity but not sure where to start? Group classes are an affordable and accessible way to try something new. From belly dancing to kettlebell training, there is a huge spectrum of activities out there. Group classes are a great way to dip your toe into as many as you like.

You Stay Accountable


The toughest thing in any fitness routine is sticking to it. And when you only have yourself to answer to, it can be all too easy to skip a session or give in to the pull of the couch. Committing to group sessions is a great way to up the ante on your workouts, and keep you accountable even on the most difficult days.

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