5 Holiday Hacks to Keep You Healthy


Relax without hitting rewind on your hard work. 

Your case is packed. You have your tickets, passport, and of course, a killer pair of sunglasses. But before you head off to the resort of your dreams, spare a thought for your fitness routine. Holidays are naturally a time to let loose. Forgetting the stresses of everyday life for a few precious weeks at the beach. But throwing your healthy habits out of the window completely can make it hard to get back to fitness when you return to reality. It’s all too easy to let your holiday relaxation spill over into months or weeks of unhealthy eating and limited activity. Don’t let this be your story. Instead, incorporate just a few healthy habits into your vacation time and feel the benefit when you wave goodbye to paradise.

Follow these 5 simple holiday hacks to keep your fitness on track at home and abroad.

Stay Active

The prospect of a sun lounger and a good book for two weeks may be tempting, but the truth is that reducing your activity levels to almost nil will leave you feeling sluggish and exhausted. Staying active on holiday doesn’t mean being a slave to the hotel gym, either. It just means consciously choosing a walk on the beach or a swim over other sedentary activities. Essentially keep your body moving and those muscles engaged by committing to some brisk activity every day.

Make Smart Food Choices

It can be tough to make smart food choices when surrounded by temptation and this is especially true on all-you-can-eat style escapes. But, indulging heavily can be hard to pull back from when you return home, especially if you have been chowing down on sugar-laden and carb-heavy snacks every day for two weeks. Make a conscious decision to choose healthier options at least 70% of the time while you are away. Choose delicious local meats or protein options and fill up on fruit and veggies whenever you have the opportunity. Of course you will indulge some of the time, but by making smarter decisions you can help to balance that indulgence with healthier options.

Try Something New

Holidays offer a great opportunity to try new experiences that just might kickstart your fitness routine or inspire you to switch up your workout schedule when you get home. From hiking to snorkelling or just a workout on the beach, there are lots of ways to try new things while still having fun in the sun. Grab these opportunities with both hands and get active while learning a new skill.

Drink Wisely

Lots and lots of empty holiday calories come from alcohol. And apart from some fuzzy memories of bad dancing and a horrible headache, you probably won’t gain much from overindulging in the local tipple. I’m not saying don’t enjoy a lovely glass of wine or two – a holiday is exactly the time to enjoy the odd spot of vino – but don’t go mad on booze just because it’s there. A free bar can be a dangerous thing, so be conscious of how much you are drinking and match it glass for glass with water to avoid dehydration.


This is a simple health tip that can be surprisingly hard to do. We can all get tightly wound. Stressful jobs, busy lives, and the constant stream of technology we rely on can leave us so tense by the time we get away that it’s hard to actually stop and breathe. Try some mindful meditation, lock away your laptop and phone, and make time to stop and enjoy where you are. Relaxation and decluttering our minds are just as important for our health as what we eat and the physical activity we put our body through. Relax, you deserve it.

I hope you all have a lovely break somewhere in your near future. But if you’re looking for a fitness boost before or after your summer hols then FitFusion PT can help. Come along to one of our group classes or book in for some one on one time with one of our awesome personal trainers. You won’t regret it. I’ll be back in your inbox next week, with some more advice on healthy holiday food choices. Until then, stay amazing.