5 Kick-Ass Arm Exercises


It’s time to get this gun show started. 

When I’m talking to new clients about their health and fitness goals, toned arms are often near the top of their wishlist. They may want to ‘banish the bingo wings’. Or ‘bulk their biceps’. And I get it. There is no bigger confidence boost then suddenly being able to slip into something sleeveless after years of hiding away under baggy tops. Plus, I think arm workouts are a lot of fun. They can be challenging, dynamic, and (if done right) are often one of the first places you notice strength and aesthetic gains.

The other great thing about arm workouts is that they are so incredibly versatile. You can approach them with added weight, with bodyweight only, and in thousands of different variations. There is no reason to get bored while building your arm appeal. Today, I have whittled down a very long list of arm exercises to five of my favourite moves. These are movements that are great for beginners or for the more seasoned fitness pros among you. Add them to your workout routine this week and start building strong, toned arms that you can’t wait to show off.


Elbow Plank


Who says you need dumbbells to feel the burn? The elbow plank is a great compound bodyweight exercise that works the biceps alongside the chest, shoulders, and core. Simply rest on your forearms and step into a plank position. You want to aim for a straight line from head to ankle and contract your core to keep things tight. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds for three reps and build up your hold time as you get stronger.


Bent-Over Reverse Fly


When it comes to working your arms, don’t neglect your shoulders. This challenging movement works the shoulders and upper back. Grab a set of dumbbells at a weight that is challenging to you. Then hold one in each hand with your knees slightly bent and bend forward from the hip joint, taking care to keep your back flat. You can also do this seated on a bench. Raise the dumbbells straight out from your side, squeezing together the shoulder blades as you lift. Repeat for 10 to 12 repetitions.


Tricep Dips


I love that tricep dips are a challenging exercise you can do almost anywhere – from the gym to the kitchen. Find a stable surface, like a chair or a bench, and position your hands behind you, about shoulder width apart. Now stretch your legs out ahead of you, with your heels on the floor and slowly bend your elbows, lowering yourself towards the floor. Keep your back close to the bench and try to complete 10 reps (or as many as you can manage.)


Bicep Curl with Overhead Press


Why choose just one arm exercise when you can combine two! This simple exercise is great for working the biceps and the shoulders. Again, choose a dumbbell that represents a challenging weight for you and stand up tall, feet about hip-width apart with a dumbbell in each hand. First, curl the biceps towards you, squeezing up towards your shoulders. Then press the weights up in a straight line over your head, palms facing out. Now lower the weights to your starting position and repeat for 10 to 12 repetitions.



Lateral Arm Raises


This deceptively difficult movement gives a great deltoid workout. Choose a dumbbell weight on the low side if you are new to this movement, but try to keep it challenging for you. Start with your arms straight down by your sides and slowly raise the arms out in a straight line to the side of the body, so that they are horizontal with the floor. Repeat for 10 to 12 repetitions and be prepared to drop the weight completely if you need too.


I hope you are inspired to get in a great arm workout this week! It’s starting to feel very autumnal here, with the leaves changing colour and the temperature dipping down to almost chilly. Brr! So, next week, I want to heat things up with healthy soups to get you through autumn days. Until then, keep moving, and stay amazing.