5 Reasons To Take Your Workout Outdoors


The sun is finally shining, so leave the gym behind and get outside.

Getting a sweat on alfresco isn’t just a lot of fun. Working out in nature provides a huge range of benefits that can make your workout more effective and leave you feeling great. Don’t believe me? Explore 5 benefits of getting up and out with your exercise regime, below.

You Will Burn More Calories

20 minutes on a treadmill or stationary bike is likely to burn much fewer calories than hitting an outdoor trail. Varied terrain and landscapes mean that your body has to work harder, which means a few laps around your local park will always beat pounding the treadmill for the same amount of time. There is also research that suggests people who work out outside are likely to exercise for longer. A US study found that people who exercised outside did around 30 minutes more moderate to vigorous exercise each week.

It’s More Exciting

Tired of starting at the same old walls and same old faces in your gym? You’re not alone. Gym boredom is real and it can seriously undermine your workout potential. The great thing about nature is that it’s constantly changing. So, even if you work out in the same spot every day there will always be something new to experience. Plus, the outdoors gives you such a huge array of backdrops to choose from. Be it the beach, the forest or just the park close to your house – no workout is ever the same when you step outside.

It Makes You Feel Good

The best reason for exercising is how good it makes you feel and exercising outside only enhances this effect. Fresh air helps to boost endorphin levels in a similar way to working out, so combining the two is a recipe for feeling amazing. Don’t take my word for it – get outside and experience the mood-boosting benefits for yourself.

You Will Save Money

Feeling the pinch of that gym membership? Get outside and exercise for free! The great outdoors is the best workout resource you have and it’s available anytime and anywhere for absolutely nothing. Don’t waste this valuable exercise tool. Slip on your trainers and get outdoors today.

It Can Boost Your Mental Health

For those suffering from mental health problems like anxiety and depression, time spent in nature can provide a way to decompress and regulate your mood. A recent study found that people who went on country walks experienced a positive boost that could last for an astonishing seven hours after the walk had ended. This study shows that you don’t need to be undertaking hardcore workout routines to get the benefits of exercising outdoors. Simply adding a brisk walk outdoors to your daily schedule could have important mental health benefits.

Here at FitFuson PT we love getting our workout on outdoors. That’s why we have created a dedicated outdoor space for personal training and group fitness. Get in touch today to experience our bespoke workout area for yourself. We can’t wait to say hello!