5 Reasons to Use a Plyo Box in Your Workout


We love the Plyo Box here at FitFusion PT, here are 5 reasons you should too! 

The Plyo Box is a piece of equipment that you may never have heard of before. But I bet you have seen it at your local gym or during a training session, even if you were not quite sure what it was! The Plyo Box is exactly what it sounds like, a sturdy wooden box that is the perfect base for a huge range of exercises and workouts. With a little imagination and guidance, the Plyo Box can form the basis of a balanced workout. It’s this versatility that makes it one of our clients’ favourite workout tools.

Here are 5 great reasons to give it a go.

It will make your legs POP


The most famous Plyo Box exercise is the box jump. This is where you use explosive movements to jump up onto a box and then jump back down again. Although this may seem intimidating at first, you will soon master this core Plyo movement and reap the benefits – toned, strong legs that look amazing. If a jump feels too intimidating, start with explosive step-ups.

It’s not all about power moves


Although using the Plyo Box for explosive exercises is a great way to get fit, it’s much more versatile than that. Use it to stretch out on as part of your warmup or as a platform for push-ups. You can get a huge range of Plyo box sizes and heights to suit every ability level and workout style. I love to use it to elevate the feet to change up the difficulty level and muscle skill for classic movements like planks.

It helps you to burn calories


This is one of the workouts where you can practically feel the calories melting away. You will sweat, you will ache, you will engage muscles that you weren’t sure existed before. In short, you will feel this one and your body will thank you for it. Although I wouldn’t recommend this type of intense workout every day, it’s great for those sessions when you want to really push yourself.



You can do it solo or join a class


Set up a Plyo Box in your garden or workout space and discover an economical way to turn your home into a gym or join a local class to learn the Plyo ropes. It’s a tool that we use with our clients regularly and I love that such a simple structure can form the basis for a huge range of workouts and movements. This is one box that could change your whole fitness approach.

It’s a lot of fun


Really! Once you get the basics down there is a huge amount of joy in mastering a new jump or movement. And you will be sweating so hard that there is no time to get bored! It’s one of my favourite pieces of equipment and in a little time, I think it will be one of yours too!

Fancy getting your Plyo on? Head over to our contact page to set up a training session or talk to us about joining a group class. I’d love to show you how much fun this piece of equipment can be. Until next time, stay amazing.