5 Simple Exercises To Take To The Beach


Hit the sand hard this summer.

The heatwave may have already hit here in the UK but the summer holidays are still just around the corner. For many of us, this means there is a large sandy beach and a sun lounger in our immediate future. And while your holiday may make you want to jump off the fitness bandwagon and reach for the nearest Margarita, it can be helpful to take at least a few good habits in your suitcase. Yes, you should relax during your hard-earned break but staying active and eating healthily for part of your trip can make it easier to get back on track when you come back to reality with a bump. Not to mention, helping you to feel energised and engaged while you’re on your hols. That’s why I have brought together a few of my favourite, simple bodyweight only exercises for the sand. No equipment allowed! Get up early, get moving and finish off with a dip in the cool morning sea. I promise you will enjoy it!

Explore 5 amazing exercises for the beach below.

Beach Sprints

To get warmed up and get your heart pumping, place two towels about 20 yards (around 18 metres) apart and sprint back and forth between them 5 times, trying to get faster on each leg. You will be sweating in no time. For a gentler start to your routine, take a gentle jog down the water line.

Long Jumps

You’re essentially in nature’s sandpit, so why not! Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees deeply and explode forward as far as you can. Repeat until your thighs tell you to stop. This is a fun exercise and a great way to get competitive with a fitness-minded friend.

Lateral Lunges

Use the sand to provide extra resistance during this simple exercise. Start with your legs about shoulder width apart and step out on your right leg shifting your bodyweight to the right and squatting down as you keep your left leg straight. Now drag your left foot across to join your right, using the sand for a little extra muscle stress. Repeat on each side 5 times.

Hollow Body Hold

Lie on a towel with your arms stretched over your head. Press your lower back into the towel and engage your abs. Fold your knees up towards your centre, keeping your calves parallel to the ground. Now reach your arms forward as you raise your shoulders from the ground. For the advanced position push your legs out and away from you, but keep them raised and parallel from the ground. Hold as long as you can.

Bear Crawl

This exercise is really fun on a forgiving surface like sand, although it may get you a few strange glances! Crouch down so that your hands are in front of you, hips tipped up and toes curled into the ground. Now walk forward on your hands and feet, just like a bear. Take four or five ‘bear steps’ and turn around and retrace your movement. Repeat 5 times. Kids love doing this exercise, so it is a great excuse to get the whole family involved.

I hope you’re inspired to inject some extra activity into your holiday. Even if you don’t fit in a dedicated workout, lots of swimming and sightseeing can get your muscles moving and keep you fighting fit. Next week, I want to talk about recovery. Because everybody hurts sometimes and finding a gentle route back into fitness training can be the difference between reigniting a recent injury or regaining your strength and flexibility. Until then, stay amazing.

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