A Beginners Guide to Medicine Balls


This ancient piece of fitness equipment could transform your workout. 

The medicine ball is one of the most diverse pieces of equipment around and suitable for people at every level of fitness. It’s also one of the oldest – there are reports of medicine balls being used in Persia more than 3000 years ago! Thankfully, medicine balls have transformed from the filled pig’s bladders that people were throwing around back in the day. Now, you can choose different sizes and shapes to suit your workout needs, and there isn’t a pig’s bladder in sight!

I’ve brought together everything you need to know about medicine balls and how to use them, below.

What type of workouts are medicine balls good for?

The answer to this is almost all of them! They can be used to up the difficulty level in your cardio or bodyweight routines in order to drive faster progress or to create a diverse full-body workout. They are also great for building core strength and incorporating into shared routines with a fitness partner.

Why a medicine ball and not dumbbells?

Medicine balls are space-efficient and budget-friendly. Also, because of their unique shape you can use them to build balance and coordination in a way that other fitness tools don’t allow.

Which medicine ball should I choose?

There are a huge amount of medicine balls out there, ranging from 1/2kg to around 14g. They come in a diverse range of materials, from leather to texturised rubber and plastic. There are also some double grip designs with handles to improve stability. To start your collection a simple rubber or plastic ball in a weight that’s challenging to you is a good place to start. You can always increase the weight (and your collection) over time.

What exercises can I do with medicine balls?

You can begin by using a medicine ball to add weight to an exercise that is already part of your routine. Squats are a good place to start and will help you get used to the feel and the balance of the ball you are using. Balancing and twisting exercises are also a great way for beginners to get to grips with this flexible piece of equipment. Try holding the ball and extending your arms above your head while raising one foot slightly above the ground. Or use a medicine ball to add difficulty and intensity to wood chop style exercises or Russian twists.

What are the benefits of using a medicine ball?

There are a huge amount of benefits to using a medicine ball, including building strength, flexibility, and balance. In addition, this highly mobile piece of gym equipment helps to improve explosive power and build faster reactions. If you’re someone who enjoys working out with a partner or in a group, they are also a fun way to add some dynamic movement into a shared routine.

Want to give some new equipment a try but not sure where to start? We would love to show you the ropes here at FitFusion PT. Get in touch to set up an introductory session with one of our friendly trainers today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Until next week, stay amazing.