A Beginner’s Guide To Strength Training


You’ve got this.

Last week I talked about all the reasons that strength training is amazing. How it burns more calories and can improve almost every aspect of your overall health. Hopefully, that got you pretty excited about including strength training in your routine. But if you’re ready to jump on the strength train then you need to make sure you are armed with some key information. Poor form or simply jumping in too hard can lead to poor results or worse, serious injury. So, before you start to get serious about strong, read my beginner’s guide to strength training. This is going to be an amazing journey!


Start with Bodyweight


This is one of the most important pieces of advice I can give you. Strength training means creating resistance for your muscles, and you can do that with just, well, you! A good bodyweight workout is one of the most effective tools in your kit. Not only does it mean you have a workout you can do anytime, anyplace, without equipment – it also helps you to build great form. This form will come in incredibly handy if you choose to add extra weight. Make sure you include key movements like squats and push-ups to build a strong foundation for more complex routines.

Choose Weight Carefully


If you do decide to add in extra weight don’t go too big too soon. The amount of weight you choose should be challenging but not painful or cause you to sacrifice form. And this weight is completely unique to you. Don’t think that choosing more weight than you can handle right now will see you make gains more quickly. It’s much more likely to end in injury.

Never Skip Your Warm Up


Cold muscles and strength training are not friends. So, make sure you fit in a comprehensive warm up before you hit the weight rack or start your bodyweight routine. This should include some gentle to moderate cardio and stretching. Prepping your muscles properly not only lessens the risk of injury it can also help you achieve more in your main workout.

Practice Makes Perfect


The key to effective strength training is good form. And good form takes practice. When you are starting out it makes sense to practice the same exercises again, and again, and then again for good measure. Stick to the same basic few moves two or three times a week when you are a beginner and work hard to really get these down. You will then find when you move on to new moves or heavier weights you can handle things much more effectively.

Get Expert Advice


Sometimes it takes an expert eye to help you really get to grips with strength training. Someone who can provide guidance and advice – helping you tweak your routine to achieve better form or to discover a more effective blend of movements. Here at FitFusion PT, we love to help you achieve more than you ever thought possible. Get in touch for friendly and expert guidance on your strength training routine.

Are you ready to get seriously strong and healthy? I hope so! That’s why next week I will be sharing one of my favourite strength training routines for beginners. Until then, keep being amazing!