Beat The Heat This Summer


Work out safely however high the temperature rises.

It’s getting hot out there. London is set to hit 32 degrees this weekend, with all of Europe basking in a sticky heatwave. As we start to feel the burn this summer, it’s vital that you practice safe workout habits to keep yourself safe and healthy.

For many of us, working out outside is a great way to escape the stress of everyday life and just be. Whether you love to run, cycle or take a bodyweight workout to the local park, you could be one of the millions of people who prefer to workout in the great outdoors. And while that’s not usually a problem in our famously grey climate, come summer it pays to take some extra precautions. Heat puts extra stress on your body and can lead to cramps, heatstroke, exhaustion, and even collapse. Here are some tips on how to stay safe (and cool) if you work out in the heat.


Protect Your Skin


Whatever time of day you exercise, you need to make sure all of your exposed skin is covered in a high-factor sunscreen. Even if it is early in the morning and it doesn’t yet feel ‘hot’, it pays to cover up. Burnt skin is not only painful and frustrating, it can lead to serious heatstroke and increase your risk of skin cancer.

Wear The Right Clothes


It sounds obvious, but loose and light clothing will help to keep you cooler as it allows sweat to evaporate more easily. It can also be useful to invest in some moisture-wicking workout clothing as this draws sweat away from the body.

Stay Hydrated


It’s always important to keep your water levels topped up but in the heat, it is crucial to keeping your body healthy. Add 2 or 3 extra glasses of water to your regime on hot days and for intense workouts consider a sports drink with isotopes to restore and replenish vital electrolytes.

Workout Early


It’s at its coolest (and least humid) early in the mornings, so if you can schedule your workout before breakfast, do. It’s also a great way to start the day motivated and stay energised all day long.

Don’t Push Yourself As Hard


The heat puts your body under stress before you have even started your workout. So, it makes sense to be a little kinder than usual when pushing yourself to your limits. A very hot day is unlikely to be a day of personal bests – and that’s ok. It’s much more sensible to go slow and stay safe.

Go Inside


If it feels uncomfortably hot then it’s fine to take your workout into the shade or inside. Just because you usually hit it hard at midday doesn’t mean you have to as the temperature creeps up above 30 degrees. Your safety matter more than your gains. Take a sensible approach to work out in the heat and don’t try and be a hero – however much hot yoga you have under your belt.

Have a wonderful weekend in the sunshine and remember to stay safe as your work out. I will be back in your inbox next week but until then, why not get in touch to check out what we have to offer? From epic personal training sessions to fun group workouts, we can help you smash your fitness goals. Until next time, stay amazing.