3 HIIT Exercises for Beginners 05.12.2019

A quick and dirty guide to getting your HIIT on this December. Can you hear it? That’s the very faint sound of jingle bells as we head into the festive season proper.

Beat the Bloat 28.11.2019

Exercises to get rid of that ‘I can never fasten my jeans again’ feeling. There is nothing worse than that uncomfortably overstretched feeling that we get when we are bloated. It can be caused by diet and overeating, by ongoing digestive problems, and, for some women, by the time around or during their period.

The Christmas Fitness Countdown 21.11.2019

The big C is almost here again, but is now the right time to start a new, healthier routine? With just over a month to go until Santa sets off on his annual round-the-world tour, many of us have a packed schedule of parties and festive events to look forward to.

The 10-Minute Workout 14.11.2019

Not got time to workout today? Think again.   Time is the biggest obstacle to fitness goals everywhere.

Exercise and Your Skin 07.11.2019

Get that gym glow… When you think about the benefits of working out, what is at the top of your list? Is it a toned bum? Increased stamina?

Fight the Workout Fear this Halloween 31.10.2019

I ‘aint afraid of no gym. It’s Halloween! And I hope you all have spooktacular plans to celebrate the end of October!