Should I Give Up Dairy? 23.01.2020

Is it time to embrace the soya latte for good? There has been an explosion in non-dairy products over the last few years. Almond milk.

A Beginners Guide to Medicine Balls 16.01.2020

This ancient piece of fitness equipment could transform your workout.  The medicine ball is one of the most diverse pieces of equipment around and suitable for people at every level of fitness. It’s also one of the oldest – there are reports of medicine balls being used in Persia more than 3000 years ago!

Beat the January Blues 09.01.2020

Discover a little fitness inspiration and begin the new year with a bang.  As the festive break fades away, it can be tough to get back to real-life. Full weeks at work, dark mornings, and rubbish weather are all enough to leave us feeling deflated.

Fitness Bargains to Snap Up in The Sales 02.01.2020

Start January as you mean to go on with a few NY treats to inspire your 2020.  Happy 2020 everyone! Can you believe we are celebrating a whole new decade?!

Get Moving This Boxing Day 26.12.2019

Discover the best ways to blow out the cobwebs and get active this boxing day.  Merry Christmas! I hope you had a fantastic time yesterday, whether you enjoyed a fun-packed day with loved ones or a restful day at home.

Have a Merry (And Healthy) Christmas 19.12.2019

Enjoy the festive break without feeling like indulgence has got the better of you.  Many of us are now getting ready to switch off for a couple of weeks over the Christmas break. And for those that are working over the festive season to keep us all safe and healthy – we so appreciate you!