Bootcamps, how do you even?


Have you ever seen folks in the park running around frantically at virtually any weather and wondered why they seem to have the biggest smiles on their faces?

Here is a quick post on the ins and outs, the pros and well… no cons really…. of bootcamps.

The Outsides

Training outdoors can give you a sense of revitalization and more energy and it can ease confusion, anger and depression.

The Green Effect

Researchers found walking in the company of trees meant lower concentrations of cortisol, aka the stress hormone, so get on with fighting stress levels in the outdoors!

Not only are you getting into the session focused on achieving your goals but you are going to meet people who are, just as you, focused on seriously improving their lives. Training with like-minded people towards similar goals creates a powerful sense of camaraderie which is unique to outdoor classes and bootcamps.


FitFusion PT Bootcamps are a proven way to get in shape and to melt some pounds.

Most of the exercises in bootcamps can be broken down in two categories:


Cardio-vascular exercise is defined as activities that increases your heart rate and respiration – it mainly focuses on using large muscle groups in a repetitive manner.Improving your level of cardio-vascular abilities will lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes and lower cholesterol levels.


High Intensity Interval Training was born in athletic training in the 70s and since has been reshaped and developed for us common folks. The technique involves several short periods of high intensity activity, broken up by short periods of low intensity for recovery. Simply put it’s a series of go max, go easy, go max, go easy. HIIT is great for reducing body fat which is directly correlated with a lot of health issues.

In general Boot Camps are a great way to really focus on your weight loss goals by honing in on what you want and offering powerful exercise sessions to make sure you get there.

“If someone’s never done it before you get a lot of, ‘I’m a bit scared,’; that sort of thing. ‘It’s cold, it’s wet,’ ‘I don’t want to get muddy.’ But according to BMF instructor Andy Kay nine times out of 10, people will get involved, start messing around, enjoy themselves, have a bit of fun and it just kind of outweighs everything.

So in a nutshell bootcamps are the hilarious, crazy fun, fresh and pumping alternative to indoor classes and lonely exercising


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