Bump Fitness: Staying Active During Pregnancy


Your body may be changing but it pays to keep moving.

You are growing a whole other human person! There is nothing more amazing than creating life, but pregnancy can come with a whole lot of confusing advice on what this means for your fitness regime. The old school of thought essentially recommends that you sit still and eat what you like for 9 months. And although pregnancy definitely means a change of pace, it shouldn’t mean putting your health on hold. Particularly if you were very active pre-bump. Today, I want to discuss the ways you can stay active safely during pregnancy. And bust a few of those pregnancy myths that may have you thinking twice before enjoying a workout.

Here is my top advice for staying active during pregnancy.


Ask Your Doctor For Advice


I can’t stress this enough. If you’re unsure about starting a new workout, how much your eating, or even your favourite active hobbies – ask. Most of the advice around pregnancy and exercise is about taking sensible steps to reduce risk. So, put a lid on hobbies with a higher-risk of heavy falls like skiing and horse-riding. And moderate your current favourite activities, lift a little less weight or reduce the number of miles you run. But for advice tailored to your particular situation, you need to ask your doctor or midwife. You can’t have too much good advice.

Cardio is King


Cardio is a great way to keep you healthy through pregnancy and keep your soon-to-be little person well. Walking, swimming, and jogging are all great ways to keep moving throughout pregnancy. They also have the added benefit of keeping your energy levels high, improving your mood, and helping you sleep. You’re going to have days where you really don’t feel like moving but even a small dose of light activity can give you a mental and physical boost.

Hydration Has Never Been More Important


Water plays a key role in the development of your baby, so never skimp on staying hydrated. If you find you’re struggling to keep your liquid levels topped up, find a water bottle that you love and keep it with you. Or add fruit to your water to change up the flavour profile.

Strength Training Isn’t Off Limits


Staying strong is a huge benefit throughout pregnancy, when you are carrying a whole extra person around with you. And although you may have to change the nature and intensity of your workouts, it isn’t off limits – particularly if you are an experienced lifter. Take your weights down by at least 20 percent, listen to your body, and avoid any ab-focused lifting to keep safe and strong.

Be Careful With Back-Based Workouts


After 16 weeks it is best to avoid back-based workouts. The weight of the baby at this stage can put pressure on the blood vessel that carries oxygen to the heart, and this can be dangerous for both you and your little one. Most workouts can be adapted to avoid this movement, and it’s simply not worth taking the risk to you or your baby.

Pregnancy can be an amazing journey, and with the right adaptations, it can be a healthy and active one too. Next week, I’ll be looking at workouts post-pregnancy and adapting to exercise planned around a tiny human. Keep your eyes on your inbox for next week, and, until then, stay amazing.