Career stuck? Why getting in shape will help you finding your dream job


If you are stuck in your current position or even have been made redundant there are a lot of things happening within you that can affect you in your current life situation.   It can be a very tough spot to be in and it can take a big toll on your mindset, mental and physical health.

You might feel your self-esteem going and even start gaining weight because you feel like you are just not getting anywhere. Even though in these situation exercising is most likely the last thing on your mind here is why it will help you..

What are the common factors that attract your success?   People who exercise are used to stepping outside of their comfort zone (and by exercise I mean training,  not faffing around with machines in your local big box. You challenge yourself or get challenged to make progress )   They have a mindset of enjoying the challenge and seeing it necessary to progress.   This positive attitude will help you in situations like job interviews or talking to your boss about your career.

Training is the confidence booster number one   You will start to believe more in yourself as you feel more comfortable in your skin.   It also teaches you how to get better at standing up when you fall, brushing off any failures as a step forward (You will get thrown back, you just have to stand up again. No big deal!)   Training is also known to improve your performance side of things, your blood flow and immune system levels.   Together with the right nutrition it will not only keep your energy levels higher but more evenly balanced and your working memory and ability to make quick decisions will increase.   Another factor in your success is of course your appearance and physical well being. These days employers will look at you and consider also if you look well and healthy to be a great addition to their team and can cope with the work ahead.

Get the word out   Once you have are actively working on your mindset when it comes to your career and consciously decided to improve your situation, it is time to get the word out   Tell your friends, family and partner that you have set a goal.   Whatever your goals might be, earn more money, step confidently into the job market, secure your dream job or start your own business – expressing your dreams in words is the first step towards success.