Do Online Fitness Classes Work?


And can they ever replace a face to face workout?

Digital gyms, fitness classes, and even online personal training are taking off in a big way. Today, your phone contains more fitness resources than any of us would have thought possible just a few years ago. But with this much choice online, where should you start? And can digital fitness resources ever replace the real thing – an experienced coach or personal trainer?

The trick is finding a fitness blend that suits you. One that works with your lifestyle, and, perhaps, more importantly, one that you enjoy. I explore the good, the bad, and the thought-provoking of online fitness below.


It Can Help You Work Out Flexibly


Are you a night owl who loves to work out at midnight or an early riser who is always ready to go in the small hours of the morning? Online fitness can help you work out whenever and wherever the motivation takes you. All you need is a good WIFI connection and your favourite workout gear. It can also be a lifesaver when you are travelling or if you live far out from your nearest gym.

Online Fitness Can’t Replace Expert Guidance


One of the biggest drawbacks of online classes and coaching is the lack of technical support. Form can be the difference between a great workout and an ineffective or even dangerous one. A screen can be a huge barrier to great technical support. Make sure you get expert and (face to face) support to keep your form strong.

It Can Boost Your Confidence


If you’re new to fitness or you’re returning to it after a long break the gym can be an intimidating place. Sometimes easing into working out in the comfort of your own living room can be a great way to build your confidence while you are finding your feet. Search for a workout that feels fun but challenging and get your sweat on!

It Can Be a Motivation Booster (Or Buster)


For some having fitness coaching at their fingertips whenever motivation hits is a great way to make sure they get more workouts in. For others, the lack of structure that a class timetable or a personal training slot brings can leave them struggling to find their drive. Everyone has a different way of approaching their fitness routine, but online resources aren’t the answer for everyone.

If you find an online resource that works for you, embrace it! Anything that helps you live a healthier and happier life is a great thing. But if you can, reach out for real-life support too. A great personal training relationship is one to treasure, and it can change how you approach fitness. Here at FitFusion PT, we build training programmes that are unique to you, created to support your personal challenges and goals. Get in touch to find out more about what we can do for you. I’ll be back in your inbox next week – until then, stay amazing!