Easy Food Swaps to Transform Your Diet


Simple swaps can make a big difference.

Are you worried that all of your hard work in the gym is being undone on your plate? It’s true that, when it comes to weight loss, 90% of the heavy lifting happens in the kitchen. While making bad food choices can make it tougher to meet your fitness goals. All this means that what you eat matters. Simply, the fuel we put into our bodies affects what we get out of it. But what does this mean in reality? Do you have to stick to poached chicken breast and greens till the end of time? The good news is that healthy doesn’t have to equal boring. For many of us, it’s about building better eating habits that stack up over the long-term. Making small changes that add up to a big difference.

Today, I’m going to look at some of the food swaps that could start to transform your diet.

Go Wholewheat

When it comes to bread and pasta, not all carbs are created equal. Wholewheat products provide more fiber, healthy fats, and protein than white. They also deliver an increased level of vitamins, minerals, and healthy antioxidants. What’s more, wholewheat products tend to be more filling, meaning you’re less likely to overeat. This simple switch can make a big impact for carb lovers.

Swap Fruit Juice for The Real Thing

The pulp and skins of many fruits are high in vitamins and fiber, but these nutritional goodies are often lost in the juicing process. Juicing can also mean that you consume fruit sugars more quickly, leading to overeating and harmful spikes in blood sugar. Whole fruit, on the other hand, provides slow-release energy steadily over time. Swap your morning glass of OJ for an orange to see immediate results.

Choose a Veggie Option (at least a couple of times a week)

While more and more of us are choosing to go meat-free, even hardened carnivores can benefit from going veggie once or twice a week. It can help to reduce your calorie intake (if you’re trying to shed a few pounds), reduce your cholesterol levels, and boost your nutritional intake – as you widen your diet with new veggie options. Plus reducing our meat consumption is great for the planet, what’s not to love?

Swap Milk Chocolate for Dark Chocolate

Everyone loves a sweet treat now and then, but choosing dark chocolate over milk could deliver a range of health benefits. Dark chocolate is a great source of antioxidants and minerals, and it usually contains less sugar than milk chocolate treats. Savour a few squares, a couple of times a week, to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

Choose Fizzy Water over Fizzy Drinks

A can of sugary drink contains around 150 calories and that can soon stack up to a lot of sugar if you drink even just a couple of cans a day. You can still enjoy something fizzy and flavoursome by adding fruit to sparkling water. Carbonated water is sugar and calorie-free making, it the perfect swap for people who are trying to build better eating habits.

Making small healthy changes over time is the best way to make sure they stick.  I hope you’re inspired to make a food swap today and start paving the way to happier and healthier you! I’ll be back in your inbox next week with another fast workout to get you sweating your way into the weekend. Until then, stay amazing.