Easy Ways To Make Your Workout More Fun


Is working out a chore for you? Do you convince yourself to go to the gym and spend the whole time wishing you were on the couch with Netflix instead? Or do you drag on your running shoes just to do a half-hearted lap around the park and head back home? I have news for you. If working out is a chore, then you’re doing it wrong! I’m not saying that exercise is all sunshine and rainbows, sometimes it’s tough, sometimes you have to push yourself and sometimes you will feel wiped out. But exercise should never be boring. And the best workouts should leave you smiling.

Want to up the fun level of your workout? Try these quick and easy tips to turn up the enjoyment on your exercise regime.

Get Loud

Music is one of your most important workout partners. This is a chance to play your favourite tunes and play them loud! And don’t just take my word for it, research has shown that playing music during exercise can improve performance and enjoyment. Not to mention it makes your workout fly by. Make a playlist of the songs you love and get your groove on as you sweat it up. You can even match the tempo of the songs you like best to the type of exercise you are doing. For endurance and speed look for songs at 120 beats per minute or more.

Set a Goal

One of the things that can make a workout more fun is the feeling of achieving something. Setting a clear goal, whether that is to run a 10k or lift a certain amount can make every workout a step on your own personal achievement journey. That feeling of progress is sure to amplify your exercise fun levels.

Workout in a Group

It can be lonely hitting the gym or pavement solo. Working out in a group has the benefits of social interaction and often an element of competition that can gamify your workout. Here at FitFusion PT, our group sessions are never dull. We inject energy and a whole lot of fun into every session. And no two group workouts are the same.

Mix It Up

You know what is boring? Repetition. Doing the same exercise plan in the same place over and over again. Need a little more fun? Simply switch up your routine or your location, or even the time of day. Making frequent small changes to your workout will keep your brain engaged and up the fun factor. Remember, you’re in control of keeping your workout fresh and engaging.

Embrace Brain Down Time

We live busy, digital-focused lives which mean our brains rarely go a minute or two without some sort of stimulation. We are on Facebook or Twitter, or just checking the news, every few seconds. So, when we exercise without any sort of outside stimulation, it can seem, well, dull. But learning to embrace quiet headspace and taking a mindful approach to working out can make your workout feel much more fun. Fun doesn’t have to be loud or intrusive, it can just be enjoying quality time with yourself.

This weekend, go out and have fun with your workout. Race a friend in the park, make a new soundtrack or join a group class. Think about how exercise can make you happy. After all, if it does make you happy, you’re much more likely to stick with it. I’ll be back next week with some of the workouts most likely to put a smile on your face. Until then, keep going. You’re doing great!