Focus on Plyometrics: The Plyobox Hip Raise


What is the Plyobox and why should I care about it?


The plyobox is, unsurprisingly a box.

A sturdy box that makes the perfect base for practicing the explosive moves that are central to plyometrics. It’s a piece of equipment that I love to use at FitFusion PT and one my clients get a serious kick out of.

It helps them fine-tune their fast-twitch muscle fibres and see amazing gains in strength and reaction time. It’s also a lot of fun to use and a great way to mix up your regular workouts.


The Plyobox Hip Raise


The first move I want to focus on is the Plyobox Hip Raise. This move is a great introduction to the plyobox while adding in a little more intensity than a traditional bridge or other floor exercise. This hip raise is a great all-rounder exercise, working the hamstrings, hips, and core. You will definitely feel this one but the results are more than worth the effort.

Start by lying down on a mat or the ground in front of the plyobox. You want to rest your hips on the ground and placing your heels on the corner of the plyobox. The perfect starting position should see you form a 90-degree angle between your back and thighs and your thighs and lower legs. You then want to push up until your back and legs form a clean diagonal line between your shoulders and the plyobox. Repeat this movement for up to 10 reps. To keep the intensity high, you should not let your back touch the ground between reps and try to squeeze your muscles at the top of each movement.

Check out our simple exercise video to see this move being performed in real time by one of our clients


Remember that good form is key to good results so be sure to take your time to master the Plyobox Hip Raise before making it part of your routine. A great trainer can help you nail this move.

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