Fun Workouts to Boost Your Mood


The exercise routines that never feel like hard work.

Working out is important. It’s important for keeping your body healthy, strong and performing at its best. But important doesn’t have to mean dull. Who wants to slog it out at the gym for an hour every day just to feel hot and, well, a bit bored? Working out should be fun! It should be so much fun that a good session leaves you with a grin on your face! And there are some workout routines that are more engaging than others. Ones that improve your mood and leave you feeling happy (if exhausted).

So, what are these workouts that are guaranteed to up your fun levels? I’ve brought together some of the most fun workouts below. It’s time to get happy as you get fit.

Play at Working Out

Kids exercise a lot. But they don’t realise they are doing it. They run because it feels great. Or spin and jump because that’s a fun thing to do. They certainly aren’t wondering how many calories they have burnt or checking their heart rate on their fitness tracker. If you can find a way to add a little play to your workout then you’re guaranteed to up your enjoyment factor. If you’re a parent, try joining in with your kid’s active play rather than a dedicated workout session. If you’re not around kids, then add an element to your workout that reminds you of the joy of play. A hula hoop or skipping rope is a great way to take your exercise routine back to the playground.

Get Down at Dance Class

Dance is a joyful way to exercise. It still hits all the muscle groups you need but it doesn’t feel like hard work. It’s a chance to get lost in the music and come out the other side fitter and happier. If you don’t think dance class is for you then maybe you just haven’t found the right dance class yet. From Zumba to Salsa and Tap to Line Dancing there is a dance class for you, whatever your tempo.

Go Fast and Furious

Long workouts can lead to mental fatigue, boredom and a feeling of ‘slogging it out’. It’s much more fun to take your exercise in short sharp bursts. A recent study found that short, intense exercise, like HIIT, led to higher levels of enjoyment. And it’s easy to see why. Not only does HIIT mean you can get your daily workout done in less than 30 minutes, it’s also fun to challenge your body to work hard and fast. It unlocks your competitive streak and encourages you to push yourself a little further each time.

Exercise with Your Dog

(Ok, so this one really only works if you have a dog or know a friendly dog who you can borrow for a few hours.) It’s been shown that time spent with our pets make us happy, so throw in some exercise and you have a serious endorphin boost. This can be as simple as going to the park to play a game of fetch or heading out for a run with your favourite canine pal. Spending time outdoors with your dog is a great way for you both to get in a good workout and get happy. Even if you are brand new to exercise, a long walk with your pooch can be a great way to start to become more active.

I hope your feeling happy and healthy as we head into the weekend. If you’re looking for ways to boost your mood and get fit, then maybe we can help. Our friendly team of professional fitness trainers will make every workout fun, engaging and achievable. At FitFusionPT we always build our workouts around you. Next time, I’ll be tackling the myth of the bikini body. Until then, stay amazing.