Gateway to flat abs (ditch your flat abs home workout)


Exercise alone is not going to keep your stomach looking flat! Your whole routine, diet and lifestyle can actually have a major impact on the appearance of your abs, and in order to maintain a washboard stomach, you might just have to make some changes. In addition to regular exercise, the following tips will help you achieve the abs you desire…

Unwind, relax and take time do deep, purifying breathing. Cortisol is the hormone that encourages the body to store fat, and its production levels are elevated by anxiety and stress. By relaxing your body throughout the day and doing some deep breathing, you will reduce your body’s cortisol levels. Try inhaling for five counts, end exhaling for ten, breathing in all the way down to your stomach. Repeat this 10 times… feel refreshed?

No fizzy business!! Fizzy usually contain sugar and not only that, they also contain gas. When this gas gets into your intestines, it causes bloating. These drinks often contain sorbitol, an artificial sweetener which the body is unable to break down. My advice is to swap your fizzy beverages for water, and if you are looking to enjoy an alcoholic drink, steer clear of beer, prosecco and fizzy mixers. Opt for red wine or plain spirits if you want to avoid bloating! If you are not out at the pub, why not have a cup of peppermint tea as it is proven to reduce bloating!

Maintain your posture. Sitting and standing up straight not only gives the illusion of a flatter stomach, it also engages your back muscles.

If your back muscles are weak, this effects your stomach as well. Practice holding your stomach in and standing up straight – start of by easing yourself into it until it becomes comfortable and you are able to eat normally. If you are slouching in an office chair all day, invest in a chair that supports your back.

Eat the right fats. Studies have shown that monounsaturated fats increase the oxidisation of fats. These ‘good’ fats are found in Avocados, nuts and olives… Why not swap some unhealthy snacks for these healthy treats? But remember, all fats are high in calories so two servings a day are quite enough and remember to maintain your portion size!

Drink up! Regularly hydrating is a very important part of maintaining your weight and keeping those abs flat. Chronic dehydration ready to the consumption of unnecessary calories in an attempt to curb thirst, and this cabin turn lead to weight gain and a bloated stomach. Water also flushes out the toxins in your body, replenishes the skin and maintains healthy bodily functions. You should be drinking one-two litres of water a day. Even if you do your flat abs home workout or train in the gym, it is extremely important to stay hydrated.

Laugh out loud! Laughing is not only good for the soul but for your abs as well. By having a giggle you are engaging your stomach muscles and giving your abs a bit of a work out. Laughter truly is the best medicine!


Laughter comes included with our training at FitFusion PT – we are serious about helping you to reach your goals but believe we can make the journey fun. So if you are ready to ditch your flat abs home workout and get in touch to train with us , just fill in the form on the side and we will be in touch with you.