Have a Merry (And Healthy) Christmas


Enjoy the festive break without feeling like indulgence has got the better of you. 

Many of us are now getting ready to switch off for a couple of weeks over the Christmas break. And for those that are working over the festive season to keep us all safe and healthy – we so appreciate you! But as you stare down the barrel of days of rich food and drink, it can feel like you are about to throw a whole year of healthy living off track. First things first, a few days of indulgence isn’t going to overhaul your relationship with food and exercise unless you allow it too. So, give yourself a break. Secondly, you can still make healthy choices over the Christmas season. In fact, you may even enjoy those treats a little more if you don’t embrace two weeks of all-you-can-eat chaos! Here are my top tips for a merry and healthy Christmas this year.

It’s OK to Say No


Christmas can often be about more is more. More food. More drink. More parties. More everything, until you feel bloated and exhausted. So, practice saying no to that extra mince pie that you are only taking to be polite. Or that pre-Xmas party on an evening when all you want to do is snuggle up with a hot cup of tea and a holiday movie. The point is not to say no to the things you want and enjoy but to prioritise the things that really matter to you. That way, you will keep in control of your schedule and your eating.

Watch Your Alcohol Intake


Most of us enjoy a Christmas tipple or two, but it really is the best way to throw all of your eating resolutions out of the window. Alcohol lowers our inhibitions and suppresses fat burning, which means you are much more likely to cling on to those Christmas pounds. If you do enjoy a drink, try to keep it to no more than two days a week over the festive period, and match every glass of the hard stuff with a glass of water.

Plan for Those Treats You Really Want


If you indulge in every sweet or oversized treat for weeks and weeks, they start to lose their sparkle. It’s just not as fun to indulge if you do it every day, not to mention this makes it almost impossible to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Try and be mindful of what you put in your body and choose to enjoy those indulgences that really matter to you.

Keep Moving


A combination of rich food and spending lots of time indoors can leave you feeling sluggish and lazy. One of the key ways to beat the Christmas bloat is to get moving. Go outside, take a walk or brave a run, and experience some sunlight and fresh air. It’s ok to relax or even give up your workout schedule over Christmas, but it’s important to build some form of movement into every day. Your body will thank you for it!

Relax and Enjoy It


No one expects you to be a Christmas saint. This is a time for relaxation, indulgence, and a few days off from the stresses of everyday life. So, eat that bar of chocolate, enjoy that Christmas cocktail and have a fantastic festive break. A few days of fun doesn’t undermine all your hard work in 2019 or mean that 2020 will be a year of excess. I wish you and your family a happy and peaceful Christmas filled with fun and joy. I’ll be back in your inbox to check in with you on Boxing Day – until then, stay amazing.