Healthy Snacks for When Temptation Strikes


We all have those moments.

Those points in the day when despite our best intentions our attention wanders – and it wanders straight to snacking.

For you, temptation could hit during a mid-afternoon slump at the office or when you curl up in front of the latest box set.

To snack is human and for many of us, it can be the downfall of an otherwise healthy food plan.


Healthy Snacks for When Temptation Strikes


If snacking is causing you a headache then you should take a moment to re-evaluate. The first step is to check your food intake. Being hungry is not healthy and ensuring you are eating enough and at the right times can help to curb the munchies. The second thing you should do is to create healthy snacks. This way you always have something nutritious on hand when you need to grab a bite.

We brought together some of our favourite healthy snacks below.


Home Made Snack Bars

Snack bars are easy to grab and go and this makes them incredibly popular – they may even already be part of your routine. Beware though, shop bought snack bars can be expensive and full of hidden sugar. By making a batch at home you can keep down costs and keep things healthy. Make your recipe as simple or complex as you like – oats, honey, and dried fruit make for a simple no-cook bar that you can set in the fridge. If you’re also looking to up your protein intake, try adding a scoop of Whey to the mix.

Rice Cakes and Peanut Butter

These taste so good they really shouldn’t be healthy. Packed with fibre and protein this is a great pre or post workout snack. If you’re craving an extra energy hit, load a sliced banana on top of your peanut butter. Remember to choose brown or plain rice cakes if possible, those loaded with salt and sugar won’t provide the same benefits.



Smashed Avocado on Toast

The avocado is one of nature’s wonder fruits, packed with healthy fats, fibre and an impressive mix of vitamins and minerals. Try it on a slice of wholemeal toast with a few chilli flakes to give this healthy snack a kick.

Trail Mix

This is a US trend that is gaining ground with fitness enthusiasts in the UK. Essentially, it’s a handy mix of energy giving goodies designed to keep you satisfied and feeling great. There are all sorts of combinations available but we suggest going homemade if possible. Mix your favourite seeds, nuts and dried fruits with a spoonful of dark chocolate chips for a sweet-savoury snack that’s ideal for your desk.

Yoghurt with Blueberries and Honey

A plain yoghurt can be a pretty sad snack on its own. Instead mix it up with blueberries, a drizzle of honey and even a handful of your favourite nuts and seeds. That way you get a healthy, low-fat and low-sugar snack that won’t leave you dreaming of chocolate bars.

Which healthy snacks help you stay on track?

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