How Does Exercise Help Your Heart?


Exercise may not be able to fix a broken heart this Valentine’s Day, but it can definitely keep yours healthier for longer.

Why do you work out? Is it to feel strong? To look good? Maybe to lose weight? We all have a unique reason that drives us to get off the couch and get moving. However, one of the most amazing things that exercise does is to strengthen and support a healthy heart. This Valentine’s day, forget the flowers and chocolate, I want to take a closer look at all the ways that exercise can boost your heart health!

Here are just a few of the ways that exercising can lead to a healthier heart.

Exercise Lowers Blood Pressure

Blood pressure literally means the amount of force exerted on the walls of the blood vessels. When blood pressure is high, it puts pressure on blood vessels throughout the body and can leave you at risk of a heart attack. Research has shown that regular exercise reduces blood pressure and can help people to maintain healthy blood pressure levels over long periods of time.

Exercise Strengthens Your Heart

You might be thinking about your biceps and glutes, but your heart is another important area that gets a workout every time you build up a sweat. The heart is made up of four chambers, and people who exercise regularly have been shown to have an increased left ventricle. This makes it much easier for the heart to pump oxygen-rich blood around your body, making every organ healthier.

Exercise Boosts ‘Good’ Cholesterol

Cholesterol gets a bad rap, and it’s true that ‘bad’ cholesterol can be damaging to your heart health. However, High-density lipoprotein or HDL-C is a type of good cholesterol, that takes cholesterol from around your body to the liver for removal. Both cardio workouts and strength training have been shown to boost HDL-C levels.

Exercise Helps You Maintain a Healthy Weight

Lots of people exercise as a part of their weight loss routine, but not everyone connects the impact of this weight loss to their cardio function. Simply, the more weight you are carrying, the harder your heart has to work to do its job. By achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, you can lower the strain on your heart and decrease your risk of heart conditions and heart disease.

Remember, any movement will do when it comes to getting heart-healthy. An international study, reported on by the NHS, compared exercise in low and high-income countries. Exploring the impact of exercise as leisure and elevated levels of activity in ‘daily life’. Both were found to have a beneficial effect on the heart, so whether you’re dancing around your vacuum or hitting the gym, you are showing your heart a lot of love. I hope you all have a fantastic Valentine’s weekend, whether you’re spending it with friends, family, or the one who makes your heart beat a little faster. Until next time, stay amazing!