How to Beat Your Workout Excuses


Are you an ‘I’ll get to it tomorrow’ type of person. Or a ‘there is no point in starting my workout routine this week because I already ate a big slice of chocolate cake’ type of person? We all, even most dedicated fitness fans, find excuses not to do the best things for our bodies now and again. That’s only human. But if you’re a serial excuse maker who rarely (if ever) gets to their workout then you need to make a change. Not only is exercise the best way to support your physical health, it’s also great for making you feel great!

Here are some of the most common excuses for skipping workouts and the reasons you shouldn’t listen to them.


I’m too busy


This is probably the biggest excuse I hear and one that we can all identify with. Work, family, our social lives and side hustles, they all eat up our most precious resource – time. The problem is, dropping exercise from your schedule will see your energy levels plummet. A great workout – even a short one – can boost your mood and improve your sleep, and over time, aerobic activity can improve your body’s efficiency in transporting oxygen around the blood. This equals higher energy levels all around. Remember, a good workout doesn’t have to be hours long. Even 30 minutes, 3 times a week can have a positive impact. Setting your alarm half an hour earlier could make a huge difference to your physical and mental health.



I’m too tired


I feel this one! Life is busy and sometimes after a crazy day at work, the last thing you want to do is move off the couch. A way to beat this is finding the best time of day for you to workout. If you’re a night owl who is struggling to get out of bed for an early gym class then perhaps you should think about rearranging your schedule. It’s also useful to remember the more you make exercise a habit, the more you are likely to follow through on it. Yes, you may have to force yourself off the couch for the first week but it is amazing how quickly it becomes something as central to your routine as brushing your teeth or catching the bus to work.



I’m too unfit


This excuse can quickly become a vicious cycle. You are worried you are too unfit to meaningfully exercise and slowly get more and more out of shape. I am here to tell you that ANYONE at any age or capability level can exercise. Even if you have to start with a very short walk or completing simple movements from a chair. The key thing is to commit to making a change and get started. Working out doesn’t have to mean a grueling CrossFit session, it’s simply some type of movement that is both achievable and challenging for you.



I already ate badly/drank too much/overindulged…


If you spent last night with a bottle of wine and a tub of ice cream it becomes all too easy to throw your health goals out of the window. The truth is, you will overindulge in many different ways throughout your life, and that’s ok. What’s not ok is using an indulgence to completely give up on your health and fitness goals. Ok, you ate a little too much yesterday but you’re going to watch your eating and do a workout today, that’s fine – that’s life.


I don’t know what I’m doing


Exercise and exercise spaces can be intimidating, especially for a beginner. But any good fitness professional should be helping you to learn in a supportive way. Like any skill, exercise has to be practiced and refined, and we all have to start somewhere. At FitFusion PT, your unique set of needs, challenges, and goals are our focus. We help you to set achievable targets and hone the skills to get you there. Always with a positive, friendly approach and without judgment or unrealistic expectations. You don’t know what you’re doing today, but we will help you get to where you want to be. I promise.

I hope you manage to kick your workout excuses into touch and get in some fun exercise time this weekend. Until next week, you wonderful people, stay amazing!