How to Exercise With Your Dog


Today is #LoveYourPetDay and I couldn’t resist a post that celebrates our furry friends! When it comes to exercising, your dog could be the best workout buddy you ever had. And there is no excuse when it comes to getting moving – your little (or big) fluff ball needs at least a good walk every day. But for many active dogs, a cycle, a run or even a session on the yoga mat is well within their capabilities. Looking for some inspiration to partner up with your canine best friend? I have some fun workout ideas below that are great for dogs (and humans too!)


Most dogs love to run, and even smaller dogs have surprisingly impressive stamina. Your dog is not only great for keeping you motivated as you pound the pavement or local trails, but they are also a great way to push yourself faster and longer. If you’re serious about making your dog part of your regular runs, a waist leash is a good investment for hands-free control.


Most dogs think Yoga is a fun game and having a poodle lick your face while you are trying to practice your downward-facing dog is a surefire way to work on your stability and concentration levels. However, some dedicated yogi dog lovers have taken things a step further with Doga. These doggy-friendly classes celebrate the bond between you and your mutt while putting you through your paces on the mat. I’m not sure Doga will do anything for your dog’s fitness levels, but it sure sounds like fun!


Exploring the great outdoors offers an intense workout for body and mind, and it is a great way to boost your overall wellness. For your dog, it provides an exciting opportunity to sniff out a new environment and enjoy important one-on-one bonding time with their human. Hiking is great as you can adjust it to your unique fitness levels – start with a fifteen-minute walk through the woods and take it from there.


Biking with a dog takes a little more training and caution than other workouts, but it’s a huge amount of fun when you get it right. First, not all dogs are going to be able to keep up with your pedal power – this works best with medium to large active dogs. Then start practicing with your dog simply walking politely alongside your bike while you are pushing it along slowly and build from there. You can buy special canine harnesses to keep both you and your pooch safe.

How are you celebrating #LoveYourPetDay? Whether it’s a workout with your dog or a good cuddle on the sofa with your cat, I hope you have a great one! If you’re looking for a new human fitness regime, then the gang at FitFusion PT can help. Explore our website to find out more about our group classes and one-on-one training. It all starts with a chat, so get in touch to find out how we can help you achieve your goals. Until next week, stay amazing.