How To Make Fitness Resolutions


And stick to them…

Well, hello nearly 2019! The champagne has almost been drunk. The glitter is starting to fade. And we have one big party left until the festive season draws to a close. This means just one thing. It’s time to set some new years resolutions. Most of us fall into two camps when it comes to making resolutions. We either grab at a vaguely positive-sounding¬†promise – with no real intention of ever sticking to it. Or we go all out, with a long list of strict rules, which we maybe keep for a few weeks before fading back into old habits. The linking factor here is that most of us don’t stick to resolutions, so is it really worth making them at all?

I think the answer is yes. It’s important to go into a new year with a plan. With goals and ambitions. It helps to shape our path in a positive way. It’s even more useful when you look at it from a fitness point of view. Hitting milestones and achieving goals is one of the most motivating factors for my clients.

This means the billion dollar question is, “How do I make fitness resolutions and stick to them?”

I’ve brought together my top tips for creating sustainable fitness resolutions below.

Keep Them Positive


I will not eat chocolate for 12 months vs I will try and make healthier choices every day. See how one sounds like a punishment and one like an aspiration? Positive resolutions are much more likely to stick in the long term, while negative resolutions end up feeling like some form of torture. Try to ban ‘won’t’, “will not”, “never” and “stop” from your resolution list. Trying to not do something with no wiggle room for 12 months is setting yourself up for failure.

Keep Them Flexible


A resolution doesn’t have to chiselled in stone. By giving yourself the flexibility to set your goals around your life, you give yourself a much greater chance of achieving them. So, instead of saying, you will go to the gym five times a week for the next year, say,¬†you will be active every day and schedule regular gym workouts. This is a resolution that can work, even when you are on holiday or you have to go away for work. Think realistically about flexible resolutions that will truly work for you.

Keep Them Achievable


If you haven’t been active since you left school thirty years ago, it’s probably unrealistic to say you will run a marathon in the next twelve months. Not for everyone, but for most of us mere mortals. So, instead aim to run a 5k or even a 10k. A goal that will stretch you but is not so big that you can’t achieve it. If you get their early, that’s great, and you can build on your previous resolution. But don’t set yourself up for failure. You are so much more likely to meet an achievable goal.

Don’t Be Afraid To Adapt Them Throughout The Year


Some resolutions need a little real-life testing before they are the right fit. Adapt and flex as needed – in fact, it’s useful to review your resolutions every three months to check they are still working for you. Maybe you need to up the difficulty level or add in a little more wiggle room. But see your resolutions as a working document, not an unbreakable contract.

I think you have 2019 in the bag! I can just feel it. But if you’re looking for a little help and support, creating or keeping your fitness resolutions, FitFusion PT can help. Our amazing personal trainers design programmes built with your unique needs and goals in mind. While our group classes are the perfect excuse to get up and active all year long. Give us a call or drop us a line to find out more. In the meantime, share your fitness resolutions on our social media feeds, I would love to hear them!

I’ll be back next week with a closer look at the benefits of working out at any age. And I will be starting with the superstars who are over 50!