How To Stay Fit After 40


Middle age has never looked so good. 

Our bodies are super machines. Capable of achieving amazing things at any age. But the frustrating truth is, as we enter middle age, the way our bodies work changes. We lose muscle mass and can become more prone to carrying fatty deposits. Middle age spread is real, but that doesn’t mean you should give up and hit the couch as soon as you reach the big four-O.

Instead, you need to get smarter with your fitness and wellness routine. Creating a tailored programme designed around your strengths and goals. With a little tweaking and a lot of hard work, you can ride through forty and beyond as the best version of you. Just hit 40 and worried that it’s too late to start your fitness adventure? It’s never too late to get serious about your health and I have seen clients at every age achieve great things. Believe in yourself!

These are my top tips for getting fit (and staying that way) after 40.


Use It or Lose It


After 30, our bodies can lose an astonishing three to five percent of muscle mass every decade if we don’t take steps to maintain it. This means that middle age could be the most important time of your life to focus on fitness. The old saying, ‘use it or lose it’ has never been truer than after 40. You have the power to decide whether you sail into 40, 50 and beyond with the right fitness routine and nutritional support. But you have to put in the hard work.

Choose Shorter Workouts at a Higher Intensity


Long cardio sessions at a moderate pace can be tough on our joints and bones as we get older. And studies have shown that short, sharp bursts of activity can have more benefit for those in their 40s and 50s. So, swap some of your longer cardio sessions for a 30-minute HIIT routine twice a week. Not only will you pack your workout into a shorter timespan, you may also find that you see greater fitness gains.

Focus on Flexibility and Balance


Issues with joint stiffness and reduced balance become more common as we age, so it’s important to incorporate both flexibility and balance work into your routine. Practices like yoga and Pilates can help, as can a solid dynamic stretching routine.

Practice Functional Strength


While focusing strength training on isolated muscle groups can help to build a particular style of physique, it becomes less useful as we age, and the focus should shift to functional strength – using a combination of muscle groups that replicate natural movement – to support movement and flexibility in our everyday lives. This type of functional training creates a foundation that will support and protect your body as you move into your 50s and beyond.

Your over 40 fitness journey starts here. And at FitFusion PT, we have everything you need to smash your workout goals. Get in touch to find out about our great group classes or amazing personal trainers. We can’t wait to be part of your fitness story.

Next week will be the final part of my fitness at any age series, as I turn my beady eye to the over 30s! Until then, stay amazing. And keep smashing your fitness and wellness goals!