How To Stay Fit In Your 30s


You have the power to write your own fitness story.

30 can be a big deal. There is no denying it – you’re a grownup now. Suddenly it’s all sensible shoes and serious career moves. Less staying out and dancing all night and more staying in with a good documentary. These changes, they can creep up on the best of us. But what might be more surprising are the shifts that are going on inside your body. Your hormone levels are changing, your muscles mass is reducing, your metabolism is getting worse, and to top it all off, you’re likely to lose flexibility while you gain fat. A pretty grim picture, when you look at it like that. The good news is that you have the power to change this story. Through the right exercise programme and with great nutrition, you can keep on feeling strong and looking great right through your thirties and beyond.

I’ve brought together my top tips for healthy living in your thirties, below.


Boost Your Hormone Levels


As we move out of our twenties, HgH (Human Growth Hormone) levels decrease for both men and women and this can cause a loss of muscle mass. When it comes to maintaining your strength levels, it really is a case of use it or lose it. By continuing strength training throughout your thirties, you send signals to your brain that your muscle mass is very much in demand, helping you to keep HgH levels steady. Proper downtime and adequate rest will also help, so make sure you follow those lifting sessions with a good night’s sleep.

Turn Back Time On Your Cells


Several studies have shown that maintaining physical activity as we age can reduce cellular deterioration by boosting the protective barriers found at the end of our chromosomes – telomeres. Which is all a fancy scientific way of saying that exercise can help your cells to perform like a younger version of themselves, increasing your protection against age-related illnesses.

Keep Stretching or Lose Flexibility


Your tendons and joints become worn over time. That’s why, as we age, we lose flexibility and movement. This effect is often seen most strongly in people who live very sedentary lives – yes, that office job really is making you less flexible. To maintain movement throughout your 30s, you have to do just that – keep moving. Workouts like yoga, Pilates and dynamic stretching routines can help you to retain your flexibility over time.

Understand Your Changing Nutritional Needs


You need approximately 12 fewer calories a day in your thirties than you do in your 20s. And that’s with no change in activity level at all. Which explains to some extent why it is much harder to live on takeaways and processed foods in your 30s without piling on the pounds. This effect is compounded by the fact that our lives usually become more sedentary in our thirties – there is that desk job coming back to haunt you again. This means that it becomes more important to feed your body a balanced diet of healthy whole foods. Clean up your eating – your body will thank you for it in your 30s.

There you have it. Your guide to keeping everything working as you move past the big 3-O. The truth is, that you’re in control of your body at every age, and although you may have to adjust your routine to the needs of your body as you get older, putting in the effort will always lead to good results. Already in your 30s and want to get a jump on your fitness routine? FitFusion PT can help. Get in touch for more information on our group training sessions and our awesome personal trainers. With our expertise and your dedication, we can make big things happen.

Next week, with Veganuary in full swing, I’m going to look at Vegan nutrition. Helping you to create a balanced vegan diet without settling for boring or bland. Until then, stay awesome.