Is It Time To Start Your Festive Fitness Routine?


Want to look your best come party season? It’s the perfect time of year to get serious about your fitness regime. 

Well, folks, we can’t hide from it any more. Christmas is coming. And with just 33 days until Santa decides if you have been naughty or nice, there has never been a better time to focus on fitness. The festive season is a strange blend of expectations, with a strong message of indulgence paired with a busy social schedule that often means we want to look and feel our best. The big holiday secret is you can do both. Keeping a baseline of healthy eating and exercise, while leaving room for the odd mince pie and glass of champagne. And if you’re worried that the health kick you meant to start in January hasn’t yet materialised, don’t worry. There is no time limit on getting healthy. And if you start right now, you can still see changes before you slip into your Xmas jumper.

I’ve brought together my tips for a great festive fitness plan, below.

Don’t Go Too Hard, Too Fast


A goal is a great way to motivate yourself. So, wanting to shift a couple of pounds before December 25th or wanting to gain a little strength is a good way to keep yourself on track. But it pays to stay realistic and not push yourself so hard that you burn out. In other words, don’t go from zero to trying to run a 10k every night or lift above your limit with nothing in-between. This is a great way to hurt yourself and ruin your chances of meeting your festive goals. Instead, work out to a level that is difficult for you right now, and build slowly from there. If it makes you sweat, you’re doing it right.

Resist The Couch


The cold weather and dark nights make the call of the couch very strong. But too much downtime can be a fast track to heavy snacking and poor activity levels. Make a deal with yourself that you won’t settle in with Netflix until a certain time every night. And that you’ll spend your pre-couch period doing something that keeps you moving and away from the cookie jar. These types of small changes add up to big things in the long term.

Fill Your Freezer With Winter Goodies


Winter recipes are the best! Hearty stews and soups. Bowls of steaming noodles and spicy curries. And the good news is that these can be packed with healthy ingredients to keep your festive fitness on track. What’s more, they are great for making in batches and storing in the freezer. Which means, however busy your December schedule, you always have a hearty and healthy meal to come home to.

Make Activity Part of Your Routine


To get fit, you need to get moving. You need to make exercise something that you do, rather than a chore or an inconvenience. So, find a way to move that makes you happy. It could be Zumba, HIIT, strength training or anything in-between. Just make sure that you workout regularly and add extra doses of activity to your day wherever you can. It might be time to dig out your bike or turn your lunchtime sandwich at your desk into a brisk stroll around town. A moving body quickly becomes a healthy body, don’t neglect it.

Fitness is for Life – Not Just For Christmas


A big event like Christmas can be a great excuse to kickstart your health and fitness routine. But it should be just that, a kickstart into a long-term fitness plan, rather than a full stop once you reach the big day. Improving your overall health and fitness during every part of the year will make you happier, improve your energy levels, and give you a huge confidence boost. Don’t neglect it. And if you need a little help getting all fired up, we are here for you. At FitFusion PT, we develop workout routines that are specially tailored for you. Helping you to unlock your potential and see just what your body can achieve. We believe in you!

Next week, we will be looking at the small tweaks that could make a big difference to your fitness routine. It seems like the devil really is in the detail. Until then, stay amazing.