Kick-Start Your Fitness for Spring


The days are longer than they have been for months. The sun is almost shining. And there has never been a better time to kick-start your fitness routine. Spring is the perfect time to give your workout regime a boost or perhaps take the first steps on your own fitness journey. It’s not too hot, or too cold. There is enough light to get out and get active. And, perhaps most importantly, your motivation levels are hitting a natural high as we move out of dark winter days.

I want to help you to uncover your best self. Not your skinny self. Not your beach-ready self. Not your Insta-perfect self. But a fit, healthy, happy self. I want you to be someone bursting with energy and confidence. Someone who can achieve anything they put their mind and body to.

I have brought together my top tips for kick-starting your spring fitness below.

Set Goals (And Track Your Progress)

It’s no good jumping headfirst into a new fitness routine without any idea of what you want to achieve. Set short and long-term goals to stop that early enthusiasm fading away to nothing. So, if your long-term goal is to lose twenty pounds, support it with short-term goals like hitting a certain step count or working out 3 times a week. Fitness trackers are great for this, so invest in some tech or download an app to chart your progress.

Find a Workout Friend

Sweating it out with someone you know can be a fantastic way to motivate yourself out of bed when you really want to hit snooze and crawl under the duvet. A workout buddy means you always have someone around to remind you why you’re doing this and help support you on your down days. And, by supporting them in return, you are both more likely to achieve your goals.

Build Activity into Every Day

If you’re really serious about getting fit, you need to do more than hit the gym regularly. You need to create an active lifestyle. This means building a little exercise into everything you do. This could be adding more walking into your commute or heading to the shops on your bike rather than in the car. Look at your to-do list every day and think about how you can make it more active.

Adapt Your Diet

Exercise is amazing but if you don’t support it with the proper nutrition, you won’t get the results you want or deserve. You should cut out processed foods wherever possible, particularly refined sugar and up your intake of fresh fruit, veggies, and lean protein. You won’t successfully transform your diet overnight, instead make smart substitutions and small changes over time to reform your eating for good.

Try a Personal Trainer

If you’re still struggling to get motivated or your just not sure where to start, then a professional fitness trainer or professional fitness nutrition specialist could be the answer. Here, in our bespoke fitness studio, we have everything you need to kick-start your spring health regime, providing friendly advice on nutrition and fitness as well as dedicated personal training.
Get in touch today and start your fitness adventure.