New and old king: Bodyweight Exercise


Body Weight Training is still very popular in 2017 – for a good reason!

Body Weight Exercises are a type of strength training that only utilize your body as weight and don’t rely on equipment for that matter. All natural!

Well, we don’t stick to the rule 100% – here is what we do:

In bodyweight training we will help you to move your body the way it was designed to move, as a result you’ll move better in all areas of your life.

This functional approach is what most of our training is based on so you won’t find much heavy equipment in our studio.

We take “basic” bodyweight exercises and +1 them – we amp them up, like if you take a regular push up for example but hang your feet in the TRX bands, or on a Bosu (half-) ball or you flip the Bosu around and put your hands on it.

This can go from beginner friendly to advanced and is just going to get you the results that much quicker plus it’s a great way to explore and reconnect to your body.

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Benefits of strength training:

– More lean muscle mass         – Healthier blood cholesterol levels
– Healthier blood pressure levels   – Lower stress levels
– Better sleep                                    – More energy
– Increased oxygen use by muscles  – Reduced joint and bone pain
– Removal of metabolic waste from muscles during resting periods
– Increased insulin sensitivity  – Increased resting metabolic rate
– Reduced risk of stroke, acute coronary syndrome and overall cardiovascular mortality