Ella Petith – Personal Trainer

About me

I have got over 24 years of experience in the fitness industry- are you ready to embark on the road to your fitness success?

I am here to encourage and support you, to help people to make a difference in there lives, by understanding the needs of each and everyones individuality, I will work with your natural body movements, and I will help you to focus on your long term and personal goals. Each session is different with a bit of zen in it! To help you to achieve your goals without getting board, I’ll push you outside your comfort zone, without you even realising it, and show you that you can do it! Because nothing is impossible.

I will identify my clients strengths and weaknesses, and show them that anything is possible, by increasing your fitness levels and making your confidence soar. I’ll show you that working out can be fun, no matter what level you think you are, because everyone is unique in there own special way.

Training qualifications

I specialise in Level 1 & 2 YMCA, Level 3 Personal Training, Core Training, Circuit Training, Tone and Conditioning, Strength Conditioning and Resistance.


I am a Level 3 Personal Trainer, and my Specialities range from Tone and Conditioning, Strength Training, Boxing Pad workout, Core Training, Weight Loss and Freestyle Training

  • Level 3 Qualified
  • Public Liability Instructor
  • Register Exercise Professional

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