Please Don’t Get Obsessed With The Scale!


Hey, I want to share this story with you about a client who followed a proper nutritional plan for the first time. 

One of our clients Janet (name changed) – she came on our programs after following the latest fad diet and starving herself to just drop a couple of pounds.

Her fitness goals apart from a long-term healthy lifestyle were to get into shape for the summer holidays since she and her family had planned a trip into the great outdoors and she absolutely wanted to be able to keep up with her kids and be a happy, healthy and active parent.

She came in for session number five (2 1/2 weeks in ) and I could tell by the look in her face that something was wrong.

Well, guess what ….she had gained weight and felt miserable about it.

So a big hug and 10 min of coaching later she was all fired up again and ready to start the session.

Here is what happened:

The Shift in Weight

By following our meal plan her body got the nutrients and calories she needed (for the first time in a long while, I guessed) she had actually gained weight.

Quite the opposite from what she wanted.

This is what the starving had done to her – but I managed to comfort her and let her know that it’s not uncommon at all during the first few weeks, the same happened to some of our clients before.

Once their body catches up and their metabolism gets going, they’ll see the changes they are looking for – in a healthy way.

Remember : It isn’t about just reducing calories; it’s about making sure you have the right amount of calories throughout the day to keep your system working effectively.

How do you get there?

  • Keeping track of what you are eating in a diary. And counting the calories to see where you are or should be.

Doesn’t sound as easy, we’re not always as honest as we would like to think, huh?


  • Alternatively, our custom nutritional meal plans are designed by certified nutritionists and come loaded with everything you need to get through the whole months including a shopping list.

But remember these nutritional power-plans are just made for you…totally custom.

By the way, Janet had lost 23lbs by summer but more importantly had great holidays and enough breath to chase after the kids and really enjoy the family time.

So please take it easy (especially if you think about cutting parts out of your diet completely which we would not recommend) and don’t starve yourself 🙂