Quick and Healthy Green Meals and Snacks


You have probably guessed by now that I am a big fan of everything green! Green fruit and veggies are an important part of any healthy eating plan, offering a whole range of body-boosting benefits. Last week, I shared some of these awesome benefits and hopefully inspired you to add a little more green to your everyday eating. Today, I want to show you that greens not only do amazing things on the inside, they are also a key ingredient in lots of healthy snacks and meals. Oh, and they taste great too! Get your green on today with some of my favourite quick and healthy green recipes.

Spiced Avocado Toast

This super-speedy recipe is great if you need a good lunch in a hurry. Simply mash an avocado with chilli flakes, cumin, salt, pepper and a healthy squeeze of lime then layer generously on lightly toasted wholemeal bread. Oh so yummy and easy to whip up in just five minutes!

Roasted Garlic Broccoli

Think broccoli is dull? Think again, with this versatile snack and side dish. Cut a head of broccoli into bite-sized florets and crush two cloves of garlic. Toss the broccoli in a tablespoon of olive oil with the crushed garlic and season well. Bake in a preheated oven at 220C for around twenty minutes or until crisp and golden around the edges. Cool and throw it in Tupperware for a healthy snack on the go or serve immediately alongside lean meat, fish or a veggie-friendly protein source.

Spring Green Noodles

This simple noodle recipe is bursting with flavour and looks great on the plate. Lightly fry asparagus, green chilli, and sugar snap peas in a wok, then add in miso paste (diluted as per packet instructions). Now, grate in a small piece of ginger, clove of garlic and add in a portion of pre-cooked rice noodles and combine. Finally, add a good handful of spinach and serve with a generous sprinkle of coriander. These noodles taste even better the next day, so cook up an extra portion for lunch!

Get Up and Go Green Smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to pack in lots of good nutrients quickly. This is the perfect smoothie for those mornings when you need an instant energy boost and it can be thrown together in just a couple of minutes. Start with a cup of chilled green tea and add in a handful of spinach, chopped cucumber, pineapple and half an avocado. Now squeeze in a little lemon juice and grate in about a teaspoon of fresh ginger. Blitz until smooth and enjoy this refreshing green pick-me-up!

Create a Green Feast

I hope you’re feeling inspired to add a little more green to your eating plan. Why not whip up one of these recipes today or cook your own favourite green feast? Next week we are heading back to the gym to look at simple ways to keep your workout fun. Because exercising should never be a chore! In the meantime, keep being awesome. You have the power to achieve your goals. I believe in you!

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