Say Hi to Jessica – our newest member of the family!


Guys, we are stoked to introduce our newest member of the family – say hello and give a warm welcome to Jessica!

She joined FitFusion PT as a client to continue her fitness journey. Having come a long way with her personal fitness she knows how to cut through all the noise and since she has moved on from a highly committed client to a dedicated soon-to-be Personal Trainer. Now she started her PT course, training with us and Lifetime Fitness and we can’t wait to have her as a great addition to our fitness team.

Let’s hear her story in her own words!
Hello, my name is Jessica.

I’ve never been really skinny, neither very big – I’ve always thought of myself of being “ok”. From the age of 10 till 17 I used to be a dancer. When I stopped dancing I started to gain weight. Like many people I tried to “fix” my problems with diets and then some more diets but not one of them worked. After not completing any of them I decided diets are not for me! At the age of 24 I was almost 12 stones (165 lbs), and I’m 4 ft 11. This is when I started to get health problems too.

When I woke up one morning and looked in the mirror, I couldn’t see myself anymore. From that day in May I started to eat properly and to workout at home, every day in my free time. With this combination I have lost 66 lbs in one year. I started to love fitness and my body again and training made me feel free and in peace.

Fast forward to May 2016 I wanted to move on to train in a gym however I came across Ella and FitFusion PT. Training with them made me love the whole idea even more, so much that I decided I want this as a job and opportunity. The opportunity to help people to make a transformation like I have done, to make a difference in their lives and to love themselves.

Start a new live without excuses!


Boom! We love that story – her success is really inspiring ! Everybody can get there!

Do you want to be part of the journey and make a difference in your life? Give us a call or head over to and let’s have a chat!