Summer Fitness Starts Here


As the weather gets warmer, it’s not unusual for our thoughts to turn to fitness. A winter of hibernation and overeating can leave us feeling more beach ball than beach god or goddess. Finding the motivation to be a healthier version of you is always a good thing but beware of falling into a negative cycle of behaviour. Fad diets and extreme or dangerous exercise routines are unlikely to stick in the long term, promoting a cycle of yo-yo weight gain and loss. It’s much better to use your summer fitness inspiration to make small changes that kickstart a longer-term plan. One that sees you feeling great whether you’re on the beach or not.

Here are my tips for channelling your inner health guru, this summer.


Embrace Lighter Eating


Now is the perfect time of year to transform your cooking habits. We naturally gravitate towards lighter food choices in the summer, so embrace inventive salads and light bites that are low in saturated fat and refined sugars. Use the next few months to experiment with flavours and styles of cooking that you love, as you move away from processed and fast to fresher and healthier options.

Take Advantage of Long Summer Nights


Long and light nights are a gift in the summer. Providing extra time to get out and play sport, walk, or hit up an extra fitness class or two. Forget spending every night on the couch – there is a whole world of activities to enjoy – and now is the perfect time to enjoy them. Commit to at least two sessions of active outdoor time per week. Trust me, it gets addictive really fast!

Accept the Process


This is the time of year when we are hit by irresponsible dieting and fitness claims. Get a Beach Body in 7 Days or Lose Belly Fat Fast. These may be great clickbait but they are irresponsible health and fitness advice. Slow and steady changes are the way to make lasting gains. Of course you will lose weight if you only drink juice for 10 days but is it healthy or sustainable? No. Eat less, eat clean, and move more. It may not make such a catchy headline, but it works!

Set a (Useful) Goal


Goal setting is a great way to stay motivated but it is important to make the right type of goal. Instead of being motivated by a number on the scale or in your trousers, try and find a goal that is focused on who you are and what you want to achieve. Perhaps it’s being able to spend all day walking around a city you have been dying to visit or being able to take part in a local 10k. Make it personal and you are much more likely to stick to it.

How does your fitness routine look in the summer? And how do you stay motivated? I’d love to hear your summer fitness stories. Connect with me on social media to share your fitness inspiration. Until then, why not come check out our outdoor workout space at FitFusion PT? It’s the perfect place to start your summer fitness journey. I will be back in your inbox next week, until then – stay amazing!