My friend had lost a lot of weight and seemed to feel great and happy and so I reached out to her to ask for her secret. And I also got on board with FitFusion and soon felt this was one of the best choices ever, a friendly and professional atmosphere with a supportive team that really embrace the idea of combining bespoke workouts with nutrition planning for quick weight loss. Lost 40lbs and still counting!

Flora Martorana

I loved going to train with FitFusion PT because they are authentic and very friendly and welcoming. Their little studio is very cute and I immediately felt super relaxed. I always felt super uneasy at big gyms and it made me feel worse about myself and my body shape. This also kept me from getting results, plus I thought I could fix everything with working out, totally neglecting the food side – which is so important!! FitFusion PT, keep doing what you are doing – you guys are great!

Gabby Johnson

I have been able to break through my plateau of not advancing in life and in my career thanks to the confidence I gained working with FitFusion PT. I feel alive and capable to make all the decision and face the challenges that live throws at me. Ella and the team at FitFusion PT are super encouraging and have made an incredible impact in my life and still made the process enjoyable – I lost weight, got the energy (their nutrition opened my eyes) and gained my life back. Pursuing a managerial position now!

Claire Taylor

Training with Ella at FitFusion PT has been a great experience so far, she is friendly and definitely knows her stuff. She breaks down the exercise so that I understand and pushes me outside my comfort zone. I’ve never had a Personal Trainer before I joined FitFusion PT and I was not sure what to expect, but to invest in a PT is one of the best decisions I have made!
As a manager, my work is very demanding, exhausting and I live a very fast life – before I started training I was struggling to keep up with my stressful day to day work life. Now after not even 2 months, people see the difference in me, I’ve got a lot more energy and my work, in general, has greatly improved. My fitness level has improved so much, thanks to FitFusion PT, not just at work but also in my personal life. Before I could not take any stairs without being out of breath now it’s something that I don’t even think about!
I would recommend FitFusion PT to anyone who needs that extra push to help them to increase their fitness and energy level.

Alessandro Piombino

I work as an engineer and I am a lot on my feet. Recently I realized I needed to balance my one-sided physical demands to prevent injuries and I also needed someone to push me out of my comfort zone. Ella showed me how it’s possible to combine a physical job with regular workouts and free up time with the meal plans – my body responded not only in reshaping but I felt energized as my body received exactly what it needed. My work environment is fast changing and you have to be flexible in mind and body. Just the other week my daughter asked me worried “Daddy, where is your tummy gone, are you ok?” because she used to have great fun poking it. But I know she prefers her dad now being able to keep up with her playing tag in the garden – I’m sure.

Matt Lazerotti

Confidence Boost!

Ella offers the best none intrusive encouragement and support, should you need to be challenged and to be able to achieve your personal goals, always treated with respect. Ella will take on board your needs and limitations but will also make you see that with respect and believe anything is possible. Your fitness levels will increase, your confidence will soar and you will find exercise pleasurable instead of a chore. Ella will make each training session different, increasing levels and introducing new concepts all the time. Ella is the perfect trainer to keep you interested….. If you want to look forward to the next session rather than dread it you couldn’t do any better locally than trying Ella.

Herold Brady