The Christmas Fitness Countdown


The big C is almost here again, but is now the right time to start a new, healthier routine?

With just over a month to go until Santa sets off on his annual round-the-world tour, many of us have a packed schedule of parties and festive events to look forward to. If you’re feeling bloated and sluggish before we even hit party season, it can be tempting to try and shed a few pounds or add a little extra definition before you have to slip into that fancy suit or party dress. But with so many tempting treats on offer, isn’t it better to wait until after NYE? After all, new decade, new you, has a nice ring to it. The truth is that committing to regular exercise and a healthier lifestyle isn’t something we should be doing for a seasonal boost. It has to be a commitment you make for a healthier and happier you in the long-term. I take a closer look at making your seasonal fitness routine stick past the 25th of December, below.

There is no bad time to start getting healthier

There is no perfect day or perfect time of year to start your fitness journey. If starting in the run up to a big event gives you a little extra motivation that’s great – use that as your own personal rocket launcher – but don’t set wellness goals with an end date. This is something that you should embrace every day of the year, even if you do have a few indulgent days every now and then. So if right now works for you, go for it.

Don’t expect a Christmas miracle

Lasting changes to your health and fitness are gradual, so don’t expect immediate results. A crash diet two weeks before Christmas may leave you thinner, but it will also leave you miserable. And you’re likely to pile the weight back on plus a little more once you start eating normally again. So, set goals that are achievable and meaningful. This could be anything from running a little farther on the treadmill to lifting a heavier weight or losing an inch or two. You can start to make progress right now, but be realistic about your goals.

Pound the pavement

Walking is such an underrated form of exercise. It’s easy, free, and an amazing way to build overall fitness. So, get pounding the pavement this festive season – go on a neighbourhood tour of festive lights or just enjoy the cool (and hopefully dry) winter weather. If you’re new to fitness, this is the perfect way to build stamina and start to make a lasting change.

Try to create small habits that you can keep after the festive season is done

The thing about fad diets or crazy workout plans is that they are unsustainable. They don’t look past the short term. Slow and gradual changes to your routine are much more likely to become habits and these are much more likely to stick. From switching to a couple of veggie-based meals per week to adding more movement into your workday, think about one change at a time and when you feel comfortable, build on it. In time you will have racked up lots of small habits and transformed your lifestyle.

I hope you are taking some time to focus on wellness and self-care before the festive season hits hard! If you’re looking for some support on your journey to become a healthier you, get in touch. At FitFusion PT, we build tailored plans that are based on your unique goals and capabilities. So, whatever you’re hoping to achieve in 2019 or beyond, we can help. Until next time, stay amazing.