The Fitness Gifting Guide


My favourite festive fitness gift ideas for 2018. 

What will your favourite people find in their stockings this year? If you know someone who loves getting active, then a fitness-flavoured present could be just the thing to bring a smile to their face on Christmas morning. But if you’re still stuck for gifting inspiration, don’t worry. The clock may be counting down to C-day, but there is still time to grab a gorgeous fitness-inspired present for someone you love. And if you see something you love for yourself? Well, I won’t tell if you gift yourself a little love too!

Explore my gifting guide below and grab your gifts before it’s too late.

A Statement Gym Bag


We all need something to carry our workout gear in. But who says gym bags have to be ordinary? Fitness accessories are no longer drab and functional, and there are now lots of ‘look at me’ designs out there to choose from. Whether you have a friend who would love something slick and sleek in leather or a statement rainbow unicorn design, choose something that makes an impact. Grab a bag that shouts about who they are.

Bone Conduction Headphones


Ok, so this may sound like some sort of torture device, but I promise you, these are game-changing. Instead of sending the sound through your ear canal and into your ear (so 2017…) you receive the sound via vibrations through your jawbone. This eliminates the pesky problem of shoving your earbuds back in whenever they fall out mid-workout, and, if you’re working out in the great outdoors, keeps your ears free for important things like traffic.

A Slow Cooker


Nothing throws a healthy lifestyle off course so fast as those days when there is nothing in the fridge and you’re feeling ravenous. A slow cooker is one of the best ways to ensure you never find yourself hovering over the takeaway menu again. Give your loved one the gift of healthy and delicious meals every day. It will change their life.

Base Layers


It’s cold outside, so if you know a runner or an outdoor activity kind of person, then really well-made base layers are a sure-fire hit for Christmas morning. High-quality pieces could last for years, so make sure to choose the best quality your budget can stretch to.

A Fitness Tracker


This might be a well-worn idea, but it’s still a gift that most fitness junkies would love to recieve. The great thing about the next generation of fitness trackers is that they are available in such a wide variety of designs. From the ultra girly and feminine to blingtastic and sleek and simple, there is a wearable design available for everyone.

I hope you are all feeling full of the joys of the season. And staying active and healthy despite the cold weather and temptation of festive chocolate and mince pies! If you want to up your heart rate and your holiday cheer, FitFusion PT can help. Check out our personal training services and our awesome group classes to get your blood pumping and body moving before 2019. I’ll be back next week with a special holiday message. Until then, stay amazing!