We make sure it’s right for your (body) type


We make sure it’s right for your type – some body type myths through the centuries

The video above is taken from Buzz Feed and shows a diverse cast of models displaying how the standard of beauty for women has changed dramatically over time. Each model is healthy, but they all have different body shapes and structures! Can you find your body type?


Is it just a body type myth? We all have different body types and we have to exercise and adapt our lifestyle in a way that is suitable for our body and metabolism! Not everyone can look the same, and we should not aspire to have a body type we are unable to achieve in a healthy way! Genetics often play a big part in this and if you naturally have a bigger, more muscular frame, you are not going to be able to achieve a smaller, ‘skinny’ frame without being very unhealthy! We all have to accept our body types, and work out in accordance with this in order to achieve a lean, healthy and toned figure!

At FitFusion PT, we believe we can make you the best you can be – confident, fit, healthy and comfortable – no matter your body type or whether you are male or female. I believe we are a great alternative to big box gyms as your prime Personal Training Studio in North West London. We are not into ‘fat-shaming’ and ‘skinny-shaming’, we strive to help you build a healthy body! And we debunk a body type myth every week, client by client. If you naturally have a smaller frame or are naturally bigger boned, I will always do the best for you – no matter what your body type you can still tone, improve your fitness, burn fat and build muscle!