What is wrong with diet and exercise?


Diet and exercise!

These two are the ultimate dream-team.

The perfect combo to get us finally into shape in 2016.

Together they will work miracles and get us to where we want to be.


No, not quite!                                                                                        

And here is why you should dump these words out of your vocabulary AND….

if you are serious about getting results this year and beyond also replace these words with “nutrition and training”


Because it is about the mindset that goes into using these words.

Think about people that use words like “diet” and “exercise”, how serious are they about making changes?

Most likely they are in it for the short term success and are looking for shortcuts to their goals.

They are on restrictive diet plans that are thrashed again in 3 weeks. This is why 95% of the people don’t make it longer than that.

Because diets are made out of false promises.

So what is nutrition?


It’s your bodies fuel.

It’s about giving your body the right blend of nutrients at the right time (right frequency) and the right amount.

And that’s what you are hopefully going to do from today until your last day and not chasing after temporary dieting success with sickening and highly unhealthy results.

Nutrition is something to trust professionals with, not your best friends idea of healthy weight loss unfortunately or the next high gloss magazine article.

Why is that?

Because your body is unique in terms of requirements and another persons “diet” is most likely not covering your needs and is not going to work for you.

Then what is training?

First let’s look at what is NOT training.

It is not the spontaneous jog in the park, neither the infrequent gym visit with a little cardio here and a bit of abs crunch machine there. Showing up and doing a bit of this and that, ah well and most of the favorite machines aren’t free at the moment anyway so the bit planning is out of the window as well.

And then leaving again without having a plan of when to work out the next time or how to advance in any way.

That’s exercise.

Exercise makes you go in circles and you will not see any results.

Training however has a plan and purpose to it and a system to progress.

Somebody who trains knows how it feels to get challenged (and/or challenge yourself) to advance and reach new heights.

If you want long-term health and physique changes, not only for aesthetic reason but to be strong and capable of taking life in your own hands and do whatever you are looking to achieve, this is how to start:

Change your lingo, start using the words “nutrition & training” (and then do it!) and the mindset attached to it will follow.