When is the Best Time of Day to Exercise?


Are you a night owl or an early riser? Is there a single time of day when it’s more effective to exercise than others? Today, I’m looking at how you can align your exercise schedule to your personal alarm clock to achieve better results in your workout sessions. Lots of factors determine how and when we work out. It could be a busy schedule or an inability to get out of bed in the morning without hitting the snooze button several times. Our energy levels also naturally fluctuate throughout the day, so that can also determine when you most feel like getting your sweat on. Discover how working out at different times of day could impact your performance levels, below.



If you are someone who naturally leaps out of bed full of energy, it makes sense to get your workout done first thing. But is that what’s best for your body? If you’re trying to lose weight it could be. Research suggests we burn fat more effectively when we exercise on an empty stomach. Another study found that working out earlier could leave you feeling more alert and ready to face whatever the day has to throw at you. The downside to this is that some of us are just really, really, not morning people. And if exercising feels like a chore you are much less likely to stick to a routine. In other words, if morning workouts don’t feel good – don’t force it.



Afternoon workouts may not have quite as many of the benefits as morning workout but they can be ideal if you are doing an intense routine. Working out after lunch means that you should have eaten a meal or two and higher blood sugar levels can help you to push your body harder. Midday workouts or even a quick walk can also help to beat the dreaded 3pm slump – and prevent you from binging on sweet treats to keep your energy levels high.



If you’re a night owl, I have good news. New research suggests that late workouts could help you to sleep better and reduce hunger. However, a really intense workout right before sleep could leave you staring at the ceiling all night, so try and give yourself at least an hour to unwind before bed or pick a gentler workout like yoga just before you close your eyes.

I’m going to let you in on a secret…the truth is, there really is no bad time to exercise. Do it when it feels good for you and when it fits into your schedule. The main thing is that you are getting in a great workout and that you are exercising regularly. Looking to increase your fitness and get back to regular workouts? We can help! The team at FitFusion PT are here to help you not only meet your goals but smash them. We become your own personal cheerleaders, helping you to create a body and lifestyle that you love.  Until next week guys, stay amazing.