Why do we stop using our gym memberships?


Why do we stop using our gym memberships?

“Wherever your ambitions take you, we’ll help you on your way” it goes in the latest HSBC commercial asit takes you through the museum of procrastination.

In the first room people find themselves in a room displaying a huge array of gym memberships.

The museums tour guide goes on “The memberships that we used once and then spend the rest of their lives in our wallets”.

I’m sure many of you know this feeling of finding the card back in there.

Yep it’s still there, stuck in the back behind the Nectar Card, the National Theatre Membership Card or whatever cards are more important to you and which are occupying the space in front of it.

We have all been there! (Only that some of the other cards don’t cost you anything if you are not using them)

So where does this phenomenon come from?

Why do we stop?

Why do we start with great ambitions to live better and healthier just to leave it there after a couple of times going?

Going back to what HSBC says, most big box gyms are indeed great at “helping you on the way” because that’s what they are good at – giving you access.


Admittedly, from the outside it looks impressive and with the hundreds of pieces of equipment there is simply no way you are not going to reach your fitness goals, right?

So what’s missing?

Maybe someone who checks in with you, someone who is holding you accountable?

What about genuine interest in your progress because health is precious and can’t be held important enough in this day and age?

A custom program and a custom meal plan that will reflect your uniqueness, delivered by someone who is skilled enough to create it just for you.

Because after all there is no single wonder exercise or fad diet that works for everyone the same.

Someone who shows you the way and helps you along.

At the end of we are unique and maybe the gym card has moved all the way to the back of the wallet because of that desire to be treated as such a unique human being.

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