Why You Should Take Your Workout Outdoors This Winter


It may be getting colder outside but that’s no excuse for hiding indoors. 

This weekend will see temperatures truly plummet for the first time this year. With cold air flowing across the UK and the thermometer hovering just above freezing for some parts of the country. Although your first instinct as the days get shorter and colder may be to hide away indoors, it shouldn’t be. Even in deepest, darkest winter, there is a lot to be said for taking your workout into the great outdoors. It’s an amazing way to hit reset on your day, wake up your body, and find a little calm and headspace in your busy schedule. Remember, there is no wrong weather, just the wrong workout clothes.

Still prefer a cosy morning indoors than a quick workout at the park? These great reasons to head out into the cold could change your mind.


You Will Beat The Crowds


Although exercising outdoors in summer can be a lot of fun, it can also be tough to find a quiet space to get your workout in. Not only are green and outdoor spaces filled with people who have had the same idea, they are also packed with others making the most of the sunshine. Trying to hold a convincing plank for two minutes while kids play football around you is never an easy task. But as the warm weather disappears, so do the crowds. You will have space to really enjoy what you’re doing and appreciate the quiet of exercising in nature.


It Will Lift Your Mood


Lack of sunlight can have a dramatic impact on the way we feel. Leaving us feeling sluggish, anxious, and generally under the weather. This is because our bodies need exposure to sunlight to produce vitamin D, a vital vitamin that supports a range of key body function. By staying indoors and essentially entering hibernation mode in the colder months, our bodies don’t get the sunlight they need to perform at their best. So, get outside and let the sunlight into your life all year round.


You Will Kick Start Your Day


There is nothing like a hot and heavy workout in the clean, crisp morning air to get your blood pumping and wake you up with a bang. This doesn’t mean heading outside in your light summer workout gear. Don’t be a hero. Make sure your body is properly protected against the chill while embracing the heart-pumping exhilaration of cold-air exercise. It can be hard to drag yourself out from under the covers on a chilly morning but once you start regularly working out outdoors, it quickly becomes addictive.


It Could Keep You Healthy


Do you start with a cold in October and regularly suffer from bugs and nasties all the way through the winter? Spending more time in warm indoor spaces surrounded by other people gives germs the perfect environment to flourish in. And nowhere is this more true than in a big, tightly-packed gym. Don’t expose yourself to this cocktail of bugs and winter germs, take your workout into the fresh air and give your immune system a fighting chance.


One of the things I love most about our boutique gym is the outdoor space that we get to have a lot of fun working out in all year round. It’s something that our clients get a huge amount of benefit from, even inspiring them to get outside and get healthy on their own time. If you want to get a feel for exercising outdoors this winter, or your just looking to kickstart your fitness journey, get in touch. Our friendly and expert personal trainers are here to support you every step of the way. Next week, we will be staying out in the cold with tips for keeping you safe and healthy as you exercise outside. Until then, stay amazing.