Workout Tips for People Who Get Bored Easily


Beat the workout fatigue with my cheat sheet for short attention spans.

Exercising shouldn’t be a chore. And if it feels like one to you then it could be time to switch up your workout approach. Today, I want to tackle a question that I hear a lot. How can I make my workouts less boring? Well, often the easiest answer is to switch up your routine. If you’re hitting the same exercises or classes, in the same order, every week, then, of course, it is going to end up feeling stale. But if you’re someone who has struggled to feel motivated in traditional workouts then you might need to make a bigger transformation. Or use a few sneaky tactics to trick your brain into enjoying itself.

Never count down the minutes to the end of your workout again. Try these simple tips to shake things up.


Choose Short Blasts of Exercise


If 20-minutes on the treadmill or pounding the pavement is your idea of hell, then I am here to tell you there is a better way. One that will engage the body and brain to stave off boredom. Interval, circuit, or HIIT training is perfect for the easily bored. In fact, anything that incorporates short blasts of movement or strength training will mean that you don’t have time to mentally check out of your workout.

Exercise Your Imagination Too


They say there is an app for everything, and your favourite developers definitely have workout boredom covered. From running apps that put you in the centre of a zombie apocalypse to workout apps that let you explore the virtual Sahara Desert or Everest. There are all manner of innovative apps out there to boost your motivation. And if you’re an analogue type of a guy (or girl), then simply let your imagination run wild. Your workout possibilities will quickly become endless.

Sweat It up With a Box Set


Box sets are the cure for (almost) everything. Long winter nights. Duvet days. And yes, even for your workout. Keep your busy mind occupied with the latest goings-on in Westeros while your body puts in the hard work to keep you healthy. Exercise with entertainment is still exercise, and there are no bonus points for slogging it out without any way to keep your brain whirring. If that’s not your thing, try creating a new workout playlist or downloading your favourite podcast.

Try a New Class


We live in a world where Hip-Hop Yoga and Circus Skills are both completely legitimate workout classes. There is no reason to be bored if you put a little effort into mixing up your class routine. Search for fun workouts in your area to keep your body on its toes. Of course, we think that our group classes at FitFusion PT are the bee’s knees. So, if you want a tough, sweaty, and most definitely unboring workout then come on down and see us.

I hope you have exciting workout plans in your future and that you can make exercise boredom a thing of the past. If you’re struggling to get inspired why not book a session at FitFusion PT? With friendly motivation from our amazing PTs and a bespoke gym to explore, you won’t get the chance to feel bored. We promise! I’ll be back in your inbox next week with an obliques workout that’s going to change how you think about core fitness forever. Until then, stay amazing.