Your Essential Kit For Winter Workouts


Whew! The weather outside is really starting to bite. Make sure you stock up on the right workout gear, so you’re ready to go, whatever the forecast throws at you.

Exercising outdoors can be amazing at any time of year, but without the right kit, it can be uncomfortable or even dangerous. Don’t slog through cold or wet weather without decent waterproofs and thermals; you’ll head home cold, miserable, and less likely to hit the pavement or the park the next day. Instead, get organised and snug with some cold-weather workout essentials.

I have brought together my must-haves for training outdoors at this time of year, below.



If you’re heading out early in the morning or during the evening after dark then a headlamp means you can keep track of what’s going on under your feet, and allows cars, and pedestrians to see where you are. Preventing nasty accidents. It may take a bit of getting used to, but if you’re planning to head into a poorly lit area, a head torch is invaluable. Choose a lightweight model with an impressive battery life.

High-Grip Trainers


Slush, ice, snow, rain, hail, mud. The cold weather brings with it a fun collection of tripping hazards. So, if you don’t fancy picking yourself up from the dirt, make sure you invest in high-quality trainers with impressive grip.

Base Layers


You probably don’t want to be weighed down by bulky layers that restrict your movement. But at the same time, you’d rather not freeze to death. The answer is layering lightweight, thermal base layers with a high-quality winter kit to create pockets of air that help to keep the heat in and the wet out.

Performance Socks


There is nothing worse than cold, wet feet and you would be surprised at how much difference, high-quality socks can make. Throw away your holey old pair and grab some high performance, winter sports socks. They will keep out the chill and provide cosy comfort on even the coldest of days.

Hat or Headband


Our ears are incredibly sensitive, and if you have ever experienced a cold wind whistling through what feels like your brain, you’ll know how important it is to keep them protected in winter. If a full hat feels too restrictive, then try a headband, it will both keep in the heat and prevent sweat from running into your eyes. Win-win.

High Viz


One of the biggest threats to your safety when working out outside in the winter isn’t the cold or the terrain, it’s being invisible. Particularly to cars and other vehicles. Stay safe by investing in reflective workout gear, high viz armbands, or anything that keeps you seen.

I hope you’re all enjoying the fresher weather we have started to enjoy and it’s not stopping you getting out and active! I love heading outside with our amazing clients, during our group classes or one on one training sessions at this time of year. Falling leaves and clean fresh air – what could be better! Next week, I’m going to be taking a closer look at some popular fitness myths. Spoiler alert – there is some real rubbish around. So, keep an eye on your inbox because the truth is in there! And don’t forget to stay amazing!